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Buyers should use Jing

For buyers who have difficulty in expressing what they need done, especially when it comes to modifications. I suggest using Jing to take a screen shot or make a short video to help explain what you need.

A picture of something similar to what you want goes a long way in helping us sellers get the job done quickly and accurately.

A picture says 1000 words…

Just my 2 cents worth… Hope it helps :slight_smile:

Well appreciated…Thanks

Just be brief, how hard is that?

“I don’t like that logo, I want to see a dinosaur biting the head of a chicken, and I want the dragon’s wings to be red and his body black.”

You don’t need Jing for that. Just be clear, direct, and don’t write too much.

lol… If only it was that easy.
Lots of people wish they had your skill of not writing too much.

Well said idostuff4u!!!
Jing is amazing and efficient!!!

Stop posting spam in the forums. So many do it here that get their posting rights taken away. You will not get sales this way and it annoys everyone.

It’s not that hard. All people need is the what, where, when, why, who, and how. Sometimes you don’t even need to answer all those questions.

What: A brand name for a pizza place
Where: Turkey
Why: n/a
When: n/a
How: Wood ovens

See? Anyone can write like that.