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Buyers shouldn't do like that

Few days ago, one of my connection sent me a massage in linkedin after watching my post with my gigs link. He told me that brother i lost my hope to work with fiverr. Then i asked him why brother? What’s happened to you? Then he told me a pathetic story "brother i have got my first order on fiverr after a long time. After delivering my work my buyer told me that he/she is satisfied with my work but she didn’t like yellow colour which i used in a Column in his/her data entry project.That’s why he/she give me 2 star ratings. Than my gig lose its ranking. After this incident i just lost my hope to do online work."
Dear buyers,
Now i am going to talk to you something. As a new seller I know how much struggle we do to rank our gigs. We do share our gigs thousands of time in our social network so that we can get our first buyer and get our first review. Sometimes we forget to sleep because of we have to be active in fiverr to maintain our gig rank.My working sector is data entry and there are 49900+ gigs. You can’t imagine how much we are struggling to get our first order. So please don’t do or don’t say anything which break a new seller’s bone. Try to make inspire him/her and give them opportunity. Don’t break their bone by your words.

And sellers you should be passionate to your work and Always try to satisfy your clients.


If that was indeed the only reason they would give them a bad rating, that’s unfortunate, but I’m assuming there’s more to it.

However harsh this sounds if it only takes one bad experience to make someone give up on freelancing, then they are just not ready to freelance.

That’s your choice and highly ineffective if I may add, unless you have a strong following base that could be interested in the services you offer. Most sellers are in reality just spamming their friends and family.

Again, that’s your choice, also ineffective and just not healthy. I’d highly recommend you rethink your schedule if you want to be doing this in the long term.

This mentality is, in my opinion, flawed and it is what creates the sort of frustration that makes some people quit. Why should anyone have to motivate/inspire you?

New and experienced sellers have their bad days, so do buyers but it’s not anyone’s else responsibility to act in a particular way to conform to other’s expectations.


Nah, I disagree with this tactic. In fact, when I see other Sellers spamming their gigs a million times on social media. This is my expression :weary: or :roll_eyes: and :woman_facepalming:t4:. They post their links every minute it seems with no substance just barking :dog: at people to order their gigs.

On another note: I fully respect tasteful advertising/marketing strategies. The ones that reek desperation is a turn-off.

Yikes, that sounds painful, no I’m not going to break news Seller :bone: bones. I can give them my brutally honest advice, encourage and inspire them but I’m not going to :bowl_with_spoon: spoon-feed them.

The Bottom line is this… We all had to start from somewhere, it’s up to each of us to make our business a success. Whether if people are working on this website as a side hustle, part-time or full-time.

When the :poop: hits the fan, we have to dust ourselves off and try again. :pineapple:


I am agree with you. But sometimes people are being frustrated by this type of behaviour . I know it’s not a professionalism. But sometimes it happen with the new sellers. You are satisfied with someone’s work but you don’t like the column’s colour that’s why you give him 2 star out of 5? What do you think is it ok? I don’t think so. I know that seller is failed to show professionalism. But that buyer also forget the way of behaviour. If he/she don’t like the colour she can ask him to change the colour…

Thanks for your comment. You are nicely described your words :slightly_smiling_face:


Aww, thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Welcome :heart: Basically this forum is not for every buyers. I just try to to represent someone’s words. That’s it :heart: :heart: :heart:


Shouldn’t have used the yellow color.


Listen to @urdeke and @nikavoice .
They are 100% right, posting thousands of times on social media is just ineffective and extremely irritating for readers and also resulted in some social media sites completely blocking Fiverr’s domain marking it as spam.


I think so. Everyone’s choice is not same :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: @antomtjvc

Yeah.I know and I also agree with it but my main topic is not on it…my main topic on some people’s behavior Thanks for your valuable comment :heart: :heart:

I might sound harsh right now but…

We saw too many stories on the forum “I made my gig perfectly as buyer asked me, why they left me a bad review” and after that swing buyers complaining that a lot of sellers can’t understand basic English or even follow simple requirements.
So I don’t believe in this “I did everything perfect why I got a bad review” stories anymore.

Of course there are always bad buyers but it’s not a majority and more of an exception.

What was written in his review? Did he share the buyers comment from that review?

As for the “motivation part”: freelancing is A tough business with a lot of competition, you fail, you stand up you keep walking, you fail you stand up and so on and so on.
You will have a lot of ups and downs and if the first bad experience breaks you down then it’s not for you.

Buyers there to get their job done and not to motivate new sellers and if they are not satisfied it’s their right to leave an honest review about their experience.


Do you really think that the more you post something on social media, the more likely it is you will get an order? That’s absurd.

Do you really think people want to see your gig posted everywhere? That’s absurd.

Do you not see how this activity would discourage buyers, not encourage them to buy?

No one wants to see this and it’s really unfair to inundate people with your social media posts.

It’s also quite telling that you don’t realize there is a fundamental issue with a gig if it isn’t selling and you can’t compensate for that fundamental issue by spamming your link all over social media.

Instead of learning how sales and social media actually work, you’re resorting to absurd, ineffective and counter-productive tricks.

This is why Fiverr sellers have such a terrible reputation. You spam your links everywhere and then justify it. It’s selfish and absurd.

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You can work for 16 hours a day but freelancing is not a regular job, we get paid for getting stuff done - not for hours worked.

Doesn’t matter if you spend 16 hours a day advertising on social media, if that doesn’t give you any advantage you could aswell spend this time sleeping and result would be the same (except that you would be well rested).


The buyers pay the sellers/freelancers to do the job for them. That is enough of what a buyer can do.

To encourage a seller is not the buyer’s responsibility.

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I’ve had plenty of less than satisfactory experiences here. I know I’ll keep on having them. But I’ve also had good experiences and I know I will keep on having them. I don’t do any sort of social media promotion anymore because of how useless it’s been so far, but I haven’t given up on selling altogether. There are sellers who previously had one star ratings because they couldn’t deliver on time, and years later they’re now making loads out of Fiverr.

I don’t understand why you’re thinking about ranking, especially so soon. There’s already a section where you can post offers to buyers wanting a specific kind of work done, and I’ve even had orders despite my gig not being on first page. I never had to share my gig thousands of times to places where people who actually want work done won’t even look. And part of the point of freelancing is to offer something people are actually looking for, meaning you might have to niche down. Why are you even working with so much competition in the first place? And if you even have to lose sleep over borderline fruitless work, then a regular job would be better for you and your health.

Sticks and stones may break our bones, but words will never hurt us.


One new seller can understood my word. In this topic i am not talking about the majority part of the buyers. I am just talking about a specific categorized type of buyers. i am just try to say the picturesque reality of the sellers in this topic. Sellers share their gigs in social media. Some people think that it’s absurd. I know it’s absurd sometimes. But what can a buyer do where fiverr tell him to share his/her gigs? But fiverr don’t push his/her gig forward if he don’t share his/her gigs. Then what can a seller do? If you have money life is beautiful for you but whom have no money he/she knows what is life. Sometimes absurd thing is not absurd everytime i guess. Advance Thanks for everyone’s valuable time. :heart:

Fiverr do push new sellers and don’t care about shares. I got a lot more of exposure as new seller than level 1 seller

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You have nice luck. :slightly_smiling_face:

Nah I don’t think so