Buyers sometimes don't order right!



I have sometimes a buyer who doesn’t order right. For example, he just orders a 5$ gig and asks for more than the gig normally contains. Although, he could get these options by buying extra’s. Is it, as seller, possible to suggest an alternative order? Of course the buyer should confirm this, but this option would make it easier to change the primary order than cancel the order and ask to do it again. The latter will raise the cancellation and that is bad for attracting new customers who won’t trust you as seller.




Nobody has experience with this?


I do :slight_smile: What I’ve done when this happened to me (three times so far I think) I’ve just pointed it out to the buyer and each time they’ve added the extra’s later. No cancelling, just buy the extras, which is possible and works fine. Good luck!


Sorry to hear that hope that will be minimal in the future.


Just have them buy extras, you do not have to cancel the gig.

But make sure the buyer is really willing to pay more. It’s possible some buyers might do this on purpose. So if someone is not willing to pay then you should do a mutual cancellation.


Also, if this is happening to you a lot, then you may want to make sure your gig description is very clear. And maybe put a note to contact you before placing the order.


Thank you for your answers. I didn’t knew that buyers could change there order after they have ‘ordered’ it. Thanks a lot!