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Buyers Starts blackmailing to do more in Same Order

I am having experience on Fiverr from many days, I have worked, some of them starts blackmailing to adjust more work in same order, otherwise, they don’t accept an order or at the end, they give bad rating.
I always try to confirm everything at the time of order, But many times, buyers starts blackmailing and there is no check and balance from Fiverr side to handle that.


Contact With coustmer support it will be best way.


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I’ll suggest you contact customer support too

Get a screenshot of the messages and send to customer support

I did.
and they always say that review is the right of Buyer and we can’t change that.

Contact with the support and provide them your screenshot. Hope it will help.

I did, but they said it’s buyer right to give any review.

You might have to also quote the section of the TOS that forbids blackmailing.


Are they using words that seem like Blackmailing i.e “do this or else…” “I will leave a bad review” etc?
Is what they are asking out of the scope of work?
Have you clearly mentioned what is SOW and what isn’t?

Since your Gig isn’t as straightforward as a content gig or designing Gig, it might be difficult to prove to CS that what the customer is asking is out of scope.

If you are reaching out to the customer support, the more detailed you are with your explanation, the better they will be at helping you.

Worst case scenario, just cancel the order and save yourself the time, effort and peace of mind.

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