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Buyers, stop doing this

Buyers, stop doing this.

It makes me uncomfortable and it makes you look like a potential scammer even if all you’re trying to do is just motivate me and appear generous.

It’s the second time this month when this happens. Someone told me “I’ll give 5* if you nail this” a week ago. What’s wrong with people.



People who forgot all drawing that they did in elementary school and never picked up a brush or pencil again do not understand that artist and his/her creativity is not something even artist herself can influence to.
How to explain that in 10 minutes I create 10 superb designs, and then in 10 hours I create nothing that has wow effect?

That little network of braincells that runs creativity is in no way affected by the concept of money. It doesn’t even acknowledge it as a valuable thing.

I could be motivated with money but not my creative braincells.


Thank you very much for most valuable information.


I agree. Such wording is unwelcome and certainly does not incentivise me.

The only reason for buyers sending such a message is to encourage you to go above and beyond the normal level of service provided. Experience tells me that these people will either a) be trouble, b) not pay the tip, or c) be trouble and not pay the tip.

Those that use such wording before ordering a gig suddenly find themselves blocked.

For those that use such wording after placing an order, they still receive my normal service. They get no preferential treatment - and I therefore expect no tip.

While no doubt some buyers are being enthusiastic and genuine, my experience of these types of messages has only been negative. Tips should NEVER be used as an incentive for a seller.


Exactly. They are just grooming you to exploit you.


I’m so sorry this happened to you.

I haven’t faced this kind of issue and I hope I never do but my motto is to treat all clients the same way. They’re all special regardless of what gig they bought and tip they might or might not give me so the pressure remains the same.

Makes no sense to tease a seller this way… These people are definitely trouble or have some superiority complex, it’s just very disrespectful. I can’t imagine them doing this live to someone in a restaurant, for example.


Definitely. They want the moon because they promised you a tip and they want you to think they are big and powerful. Huge egos.


It’s also Fiverr’s Choice so I’ve already gotten the automatic “behave or else” notification from fiverr (multiple times) to go with it.

Let’s hope it doesn’t get to that. Unfortunately, I woke up to this order so I’ll take my chances. I’ll be definitely mentioning this in my review, though.


Absolutely. I’m not getting compensated for VIP service and based on the reviews, my boring “standard” service is more than just okay.

I hope it’s not the case of “throwing the big green bucks at someone from a developing country and expecting them to faint from excitement” but the buyer’s review page is full of sellers from such countries gushing about the buyer’s generosity. We’ll see how it goes.


It’s exactly the word I was searching, exploiting, it sounds like we are dogs that they decide to feed or not if we’re kind, lol.


I find it insulting when buyers suggest that I will do a better job if they wave extra money at me. I don’t mind taking the money(!) - but my normal work is good enough for every other genuine buyer, so it should be good enough for them.

What annoys me is the stress their ‘expectation’ places on me. I’ve written about this in the forum a couple of times over the past month, but my most recent bad experience was with a V.I.D. buyer. It was stressful and not worth it.


This is unprofessional and very rude. Such buyers don’t know how to communicate properly.

Great metaphor! Exactly.

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Unfortunately you can’t refuse buyers. What you can do, anyway, is just following the rules and your integrity and you are ok. If there’s anything wrong with their profile, sooner or later they’ll have it blocked.


You absolutely can. You can say “I don’t work like this” or “This is making me uncomfortable” and cancel the order. I chose not to because other than this throwaway line, the buyer seems to be somewhat reasonable. Let’s hope I don’t regret this decision.


yes, well, this is reasonable, I must say. The meaning of my post was that “in general we can’t refuse buyers”. But probably there are acceptable exceptions as in your case or in other similar cases.

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Don’t hate me… but I sometimes do this. Before I get torn down (in a friendly way) I feel SOME sellers / fiver have forced me in to this…

For example for lead generation I’ll ask for 2500 full records from a source ill provide. The seller says yes yes yes, then delivers 2000 saying the other 500 arent available. The seller should not have promised 2500 (I blame the seller)

What do I do now? I’ve got 80% of what I paid for. I should rate 3-4 stars out of 5 but I don’t want to kill someones fiver career (I blame fiver rating system). Maybe I should cancel the order? On the other hand, do I just accept it and walk away? Rate fraudulently or not at all.

So now I sometimes offer a tip, $100 for over 95% complete, $50 for 90% etc. It means if they deliver I deliver.

Or maybe I should just start rating accurately…

Think VID means you’ve bought 10 gigs and/or spent over a $100. Most of my buyers seem to be VID now. Point being, I’m really not sure it’s much of a big deal

The thing is, as an established seller if this would come up in a pre-order discussion (this along with “I hope you’ll surprise me, I had terrible experiences with other sellers on fiverr”), I’d decline to work with you. In this particular instance, it came up after the order was placed so here we are.

It’s your prerogative to have concerns, it’s my prerogative to find them suspicious.

You absolutely should. That’s the point of the rating system. Honest ratings protect buyers and sellers alike. You also should cancel orders if you didn’t receive everything that was promised. Incomplete deliveries are a ToS violation.

PS I do appreciate you providing another perspective of why a buyer would think it’d be a good idea. I feel slightly less paranoid now.


If you want another perspective, a creative comes with no price tags. You may value something (or your time) at $100 while others would kill for it. On this very platform, we have people who pay $5K and more for a video or logo only.

As for this buyer, I wouldn’t care much about the tiny red-flag, especially after you mention the reviews. Maybe, check how they’ve reviewed other sellers. Just to be safe.

Best wishes for the order!! :slight_smile:

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