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Buyers, stop wasting my time!

1st story: I had somebody sent me their story, ask how many pictures should it be and then price. I divided the story into small parts, each part for a picture and then provide price. They said it’s too much so I told them to remove the pictures until it come down to the price they want. If one picture is removed, text from that part would go to the next or previous part, depends on how they want.

They didn’t do that, they divide the story by themselves, but only able to finished half of it. Then they asked me to continue and of course give the new price. I did. And haven’t heard from them since. This whole progress messaging back and forth, dividing, brainstorming…took me hours, without pay.

2nd story: someone message me twice, on 2 of my gigs, obviously didn’t realize those gigs belong to one person ( I really don’t understand, they could skip my name, logo and everything, but when you message the person twice, your previous message would show up automatically, how could one miss it?) and asked for price, so I sent the gigs to make them read the price there, knowing that they didn’t read the description in the first place. They chose not to read it again, gave an example and asked for price on all of my gigs, like: how much for X characters in all your gigs? I provided price. Then they asked what will I do for $5.

If they’re looking for someone to illustrate one picture for $5, why do they come to an artist with the price $15 for a character?

I’m tried of being made to work without pay. Yes, messaging, chatting, giving price is working too, these all eat up seller’s time!

Reply to @emasonwrites: yeah, I prefer buyers to message me before purchasing if they do want to work with me but need some clarification.

emasonwrites said: and couldn't understand why I would not shut down all my gigs to ensure that I could work exclusively for him for a few days.

Sometimes I feel like we're working with 8 years old boys and girls who just stole their parents' credit card.

I feel your pain. I went back and forth with this one buyer who wanted me to sign a NDA (which I did not want to do because he kept demanding I put my address on the document), for some reason refused to accept that I charge by word count and not by page, kept trying to manipulate my pricing system to pay as little money as possible (I get it, people come here for cheap services, but don’t tell me you’re going to configure your order a certain way just so I get paid less for the same amount of work), and couldn’t understand why I would not shut down all my gigs to ensure that I could work exclusively for him for a few days.

All of those messages back and forth, explaining things that were clearly stated in my gig description took hours and hours–time I’ll never get paid for.

In general, I prefer buyers to message me before purchasing if they have questions and I love, love, love when they message me to check and see if I’m okay with a topic, ask about my turnaround time, see how much info I need in order to make my writing process easier, etc. But sometimes their questions, at least in my opinion, are clearly answered in my gig description and everybody’s time is being wasted.

I hear where your coming from…BUT…

You have to learn how to read a person in the second message and decide to input the time or

not. That’s on you not the quirky buyer… :slight_smile: sorry but its true…

I generally send very little back and forth unless the particular person has ordered previously(something other than a $5 gig.). On occasion though, I sometimes spend a bit more time back and forth than I want to, but hours of back and forth may be a bit much. Time investment is still well…spending time. I keep that in mind and leave my conversations to a minimum.

What you can do is just simply say, “read the gig description for pricing” and even compile a “Q&A” of what buyers mostly ask to attach to them if someone messages you. I’m sure a lot of the questions are very similar and for those that seem to get too “out of the realm” of your services and pricing it’s usually best to state your prices and let them decide.

Reply to @emasonwrites: For those people that ask a lot of questions i just say, “Hey, read my gig description.”…this helps to weed out those that I know will waste my time. Those who can’t take the effort to even skim the gig description probably have a very high chance to request refund or be a hassle buyer simply because they didn’t read the description initially. The most amusing ones are the users that ask for DISCOUNTS on a writing service. It’s already a discounted price, what do they want? Free? sigh

freelancemm said: compile a "Q&A" of what buyers mostly ask to attach to them if someone messages you.

This. I made a nice little overview of my gig, how to purchase, the usual questions. Saves a good amount of time, when the buyer decides to read it.

I am devastated right now and I know that I am overreacting but it’s just such a hard time and I don’t understand. I had a buyer who contacted me about a $5 gig when I had a queue of lengthy research orders. He sent me a well-written sales pitch on his company but wanted it made into a formal business introduction letter which is something I’ve done many times.

I got several of my orders done and about that time my grandmother went under hospice care and I had to cut my hours for about a week. I hate it when people use those things as an excuse to be late so I vowed to myself not to deliver one item late which I have stuck to. I am normally so much faster at deliveries than my max time, though, so I wanted to stay in touch with my clients that their orders would be on time but not as fast as usual.

The letter client responded with a “thanks” and provided some extra details on his company. I got to his order in queue and partway through I got the call saying that my grandmother died and I would be out of touch during funeral and family time but that his order would still be on time. After I got back I finished and delivered with 2 days left on clock. I reminded him that one revision was free and let him know that I did extra courtesy work (social promotion for his business) to thank him for his patience. All for $4.

This morning I awake to find 3 stars (I was at 100% positive) with just the default review for that. I am really hurt. I wrote him back politely to see what was wrong and remind him again that he hasn’t used his free revision. I hope to straighten it out very much.

Back when I saw someone mention it on the forms I made an off Fiverr private group where sellers only can recommend good buyers and warn of others. Fiverr can’t and shouldn’t allow naming of sellers/buyers since the forum is public and lightly moderated. I hadn’t really advertised my Seller discussion group yet but this thread reminds me that we need ways to help each other so if any seller wants to join the group, message me. It will be a moderated group and I’ll be adding more trusted ones if people show interest in it. At least then we can offer our best to good buyers and avoid bad ones.

Either way, sorry for the bad experiences you all have had. Too bad buyers have no reason to care how we rate them.

Reply to @fonthaunt: I would suggest not putting ideas into your buyer’s head, such as the free revision. Instead say "if you have any questions, address them before posting the review."

PM me if you want more unasked opinions. LOL

Reply to @fonthaunt: I’m so sorry for your loss and for the low rating. Nothing like a kick in the stomach when you’re down and low ratings really sting when you do your best.

As for your buyer, he’s very stingy with stars it seems. He continually rated a seller 4-4.5 who he’s been working with over a period of time, bringing down their rating and another 4.5, which is unfortunate because that seller didn’t have any ratings on their gig.

I don’t think he has ever given 5 stars. I’m not sure if it’s possible or something you want to do, but you could screen your buyers if this is something you are worried about.

It stings now, but as you get more orders it won’t be as bad.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: LOL, thanks. I probably WIILL pm you for more opinions! In the meantime, I don’t really mind offering 1 free revision since a lot of my work is writing and I can make an error like any human. What burns me is that this buyer has responded again since I wrote and it was just worse. I originally offered them a specifically formatted letter but with just polished re-wording of their data.

I ended up giving them an extra 200 words just to be nice. Their literal response was that they should have gotten more than they paid for if I wanted 5 stars. I think that is wrong by itself, but if they wanted it, why didn’t they use their free revision to ask for more? Now I think they really wanted express delivery for free but know they can’t say that or CS would go in my favor so they are just being childish.

They have to use the subjective “would buy again/recommend” portion of the rating system to believe they owe me a lower rating. I told them in delivery to let me know if they wanted a change. I usually watermark drafts instead of sending them as deliveries but this was a simple order and I was a bit muddled over family issues. I would have even canceled happily to avoid the bad rating if they had indicated any concerns. As a new Level 2, I sure don’t want to supply free work and if I can prove it I will complain. Still, when you aren’t into thousands of orders, every rating lower than 5 counts. I’m lucky to say I’ve had great buyers except for 2 so far, and the other one did mutual cancel which I can respect. This one just wanted a freebie and to be "right."

This is exactly why I agree with others that the Fiverr forum isn’t the right place for it, but an unofficial buyer review page would help sellers as long as it is moderated so rants and vigilantes are deleted. When I started mine, I wasn’t sure I would even pursue it, but the more I read that I am not the only one with these type of woes, I’m going to.

Reply to @accessgirl: Thanks. I totally agree with you. I know that many sellers think that ratings here are like the ones on other sites where a 3-4 is actually not bad. Of course, I politely explained to this one that here “as described” should really be a 5. Those who do more as I did to earn level 2 with 100% positive should definitely be a 5. He outright admitted he expects well more than is described. If I were trying to promote a business as he is, I would want better karma!

One question for you- I assume you could see his rating by clicking on my profile. How would I screen a buyer, though, just by clicking on their profiles? I didn’t think it showed anything beyond their profile if they are not also a seller. I guess I’m missing something. I often refuse jobs if I realize someone else could do the job better than I (not in my skill-set) or if I have a bad feeling. I’ve been good at screening sellers that way, but I don’t know of another way.

Reply to @accessgirl: Good idea, I’ll make one as soon as possible. Just hope they’ll read it.

Reply to @fonthaunt: The star rating is actually good on other site where buyers pay so much more for an order. But here with $4 it doesn’t worth. And they do have rating for buyers there.

I’m also a buyer here and sometimes I do want to rate less than 5* even though they did "serve as described"


Barely communication: My 2 stories above, like someone said, were part of my fault because I was too responsive. Meanwhile I met sellers never say a word after I place the order. I just need “thanks, I’ll deliver asap”, something to know they did read my order and not going to disappear right at the last minute.

False advertising: the 3 pictures they self-uploaded in their live portfolio looks way different than the “real sample” and the product they deliver. I know it’s only $4, but then this’s a reason buyer expect more from us.Why not just show them what you’re willing to do for $4? Or better, putting the right price on the example like I did here

I haven’t done this in all my gigs because I was raising price step by step. Now as it reached the price I want, I’ll start doing so.

Star system would actually be helpful if done right, those who has 5* would be actually talented and have good customer service. Of course high price too. And then buyers can choose good service or low price.

But here, they expect everything for $5, and think we’ll do everything for it.

The reason I’m here is I can put up a gig, like a store, with all information on it and buyers’re supposed to read it then choose the service they want. If I still have to explain myself all over again, I’ll start looking for other sites soon.

Long story short, I wish Fiverr could be like other system, rating for both sellers and buyers, protect both sides, not just buyer’s side.

Reply to @fonthaunt:

That’s terrible, and they seem to rate everyone that way. Very sad.

In google you can type fiverr and the username, like : “fiverr User”, without quotes and any gigs they have left a rating for will show.

Reply to @accessgirl: Thank you!

Reply to @fonthaunt: No problem :wink:

Reply to @miacmht: I’m with you on most points. I am a seller mostly, but also a buyer and I have had to cancel orders for lack of seller response/delivery. I also wish the ARS worked like on other sites. I have bought and enjoyed many books that were less than 5 stars. On Fiverr, though, a few reviews less than 5 stars can put the seller back even before the starting line, especially newer sellers. Fair? Sure, the site belongs to them. Smart? Not in my opinion. :slight_smile:

Reply to @freelancemm:

Yeah, actually they do … I recently received a customer who wanted me to design a flyer for them and so I did, they were satisfied with that product and decided to come back for a second and a third one.

In the third order I noticed that they had asked for a “discount” … meaning, “Create 2 flyers for the price of one” saying they will be a REPEAT CUSTOMER! …

I mean, as much as I love having repeat customers… I’m not going to provide free work just because you’re gonna come back, IF ANYTHING … it’s gonna be a repeat cycle and I’m gonna end up doing 2 flyers for the price of 1 in every order.

What’s even funnier, is that I did some googling and for my not so big surprise, I found the flyers I made… on their website, on sale for $45. that didn’t bother me at all, I couldn’t care less how much they sell these flyers for, but what bothered me was the fact that they had written “DESIGNED BY ___ DESIGNS” and clearly the gap doesn’t fill in with my name.

Reply to @imadesigner: I’m not sure, how can they sell those flyers? Did you gave them vector, psd… files?

If so, you should start charging for original files.