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Buyers strange attitude

Hello, Hardworking People!

Is this only me or some other seller has also noticed this change in buyers collective attitude…

Most of the buyers are avoiding to accept the order and leave feedback after delivery…

Despite the fact that I am providing very good service…

My rated orders percentage has dropped from 75% to 65% in a few days…

can someone relate?



I don’t really care how many people rate my services. If they do - great, if they don’t - it’s their choice.
Fiverr is reminding them 2 times to leave a review. If not more. And they are allowed to choose if they want to leave a review or not, if they want to have their details in open access that they ordered from you or not.

Are you personally reviewing everything that you are buying online? Are you reviewing online and cafe where you ate? I bet the answer will be no.


I agree with you, thanks for your comment.