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Buyers strategy to get their work done without losing single penny

these are my thinking. and can be wrong. a buyer requested in “buyers request” that he has 10 pics for editing in Photoshop. for background change or remove, enhancement, retouch, or make it transparent background or remove some object from it. then a seller send him a offer that I can do it please give this work to me. then buyers replies that I will give you one image for the test if you done good job then you will get this work. seller do their best with that pic because he want that work. he completed the work and sent to the buyer. sometimes buyer replies some time not. I have facing this many of times but didn’t been able to get a single work. what if buyer have 10 pics and he gave one pic to 10 sellers one pic each. they done their work as a test and send back to him. now his work is completed. he vanished away. without giving a reply are some thing like this " you did good job now m little busy I will give you work in 2 days" etc. i did many test works but after that buyer never replied and never back again. what we (sellers) have to do to get ride of it. fiverr have no rules for it I think? these are my thinking and experience on fiverr. is any one noticed this? or only me doing this?

Ask them to see your portfolio instead of doing a sample for him.

Fiverr doesn’t forbid you to offer free custom samples of your work; if you ask them about it, they’ll just tell you that you may choose to do a small test for free, but that they can’t guarantee you that you will get paid.

The solution is simple, really: refuse to work for free. If the buyer wants to see what you can do, show them your previous samples, and/or suggest a paid test. If a buyer isn’t willing to pay $5 for a sample, it’s highly unlikely that they’re serious about buying; they’re just looking for inexperienced sellers so they can get work for free.

I don’t do any work for free. When buyers want to test my work I tell them to order just one gig. They usually do so. I guess that’s the purpose of Fiverr; try for just $5, and if you like it, order more.

Just don’t provide a sample for free.

Place a watermark in the image!

i think you should place an watermark on picture before sending to buyer.

I had a buyer, who kept trying to require for modification many times. I said No but he begged me to do :(. And after the job done, he disappeared . Some days ago, he sent me a message that he will order me new gigs but he need to have previous logo changed a new font first. I refused because i feel very tired of that kind of buyer.

Sometimes i just wonder why buyer always try to do like that. 5$ is not much, even in an Asia country like my country. Sellers is also human and we also need to eat and we can never spend our time for free.

@unique_mind, i see where you are coming from.

It is sad that there are always people who would prey and scam others.

@dungdung, I hear you.

Watermarking is a good idea. Have to look into it … lol.


I think that it basically boils down to not doing any free work for anyone ever. Samples of your work should be good enough. There are a million people out there to work for, you don’t need to do any “test” work for anyone. It is a waste of time. Just refer them to your profile and examples, then if they don’t want to order, just leave it alone. If you are working for free for anyone, that is a problem. Best wishes! :slight_smile:

The best thing you can ever d is feed these cruel buyers. The reason I call them cruel is because they are not there to make a purchase. They treat the platform as a joke when it’s “fun” time. Trust me, when he will need a good logo he’ll be using Fiverr in a noraml manner.

put BIG work “SAMPLE” on test work and send him. that’s it.

Hi, send him sample that is customized and limited. He will come back for more.

Reply to @dungdung: I like your watermark idea. I will remember it when some one asked a test sample. thank you