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Buyers taking advantage of sellers' reputation


A guy ordered my gig for the 3rd time but due to exams,I wasn’t able to see The estimated time expired only for me to come back and see the order cancelled.It really slashed my rating from %100 to %50 and is seriously affecting my sales.Since then I haven’t had any order…am really sad


The exam was supposed to last for two days and my gig was not an express gig so I thought I wouldn’t have any need for suspending it…moreover,I didn’t expect an order so quick…that’s my uncle anyway


He really dealt me a hard blow…thanks for the advice


From a buyers perspective, he ordered from you, didn’t hear anything, the gig went late and he cancelled - you cannot fault the buyer for this. The fact you instantly blame the buyer shows me the mentality as to why you may struggle having this removed. You need to contact the buyer, explain the situation and come to an agreement, you cannot blame them when it was your fault.

I currently have 3 negatives, all due to being late when my baby was born. I kept all buyers updated (the little munchkin was 2 weeks late and labor took 3 days) but this happens.

Out of curiosity, what exam takes 2 days?


I have to agree with the general consensus that it’s your responsibility unfortunately. I cant really help you out either way. Just suggest to better manage your gigs in future and work hard to get your rating back up somehow. Good luck.


Yup. You REALLY need to keep an eye on your gigs. I have my gigs to prompt me with my e-mail every time I get a new one and I have it sent directly to my phone so I have a little reminder.

My gig used to be express (24 hrs turnaround.) After hitting my third trimester, moving across the world, and not having a house or internet, I had to extend my gig time from 24 hours to 10 days. You should just have extended it to 29 days and send your buyers a little note why you are taking so long and ask them to please be patient and assure them that the wait will be worth it. A lot of my buyers knew my situation and ALL of them were more than gracious with me. I even went late on a few orders but assured them I’d have it within 2~3 hours and they all were very nice about it and told me they would wait.

Golden rule: Always communicate!


@twistedweb123 I had 3 courses to defend in 2 days(not literally lasting 48 hours) well thanks but I think the damage is irrevocable.And what compromise can I reach with the buyer to reverse my reputation? @arnevb


@mrspanda that’s really a nice idea using email as a reminder!


Thanks @jamesosix …time management’s really the watch word


Hmm, I’m pretty much perpetually late. I communicate to my buyers that I’m slow, but it’s worth it because they get bangup great art for the wait! If I don’t rush I can really get things right, and they get killer art for low, low prices.

The moral of the story is: it’s okay to be late, miss your deadline, and have things pop up as long as you communicate with your buyers. Anyone who’s gonna be a butt about it maybe hasn’t realized the steal of a deal they’re getting.

I guess if it really hurts you might want to make a new gig for it?


Reply to @metruis: I completely agree with you about communication with your buyer, this is the best thing a seller can do!! But instead of being late (or “risking” to be late), why you don’t simply raise your delivery time? In this way you could work more relaxed :slight_smile:


I agree with what everyone else has said, above. That said, I would like to offer you some more specific advice, so that if something like this happens again you can deal with the issue BEFORE you get negative feedback.

Checking your profile, it looks like the gig you had the problem on had a 4 day estimated delivery time. In addition, seller noted that they cancelled. Now, as I understand it, they can’t actually do that until you’re over a day late, so there was a 5 day period between them ordering the gig and cancelling it due to non-receipt of what they paid for. That means that, although the exams you had took 2 days, the gig itself would have been purchased either before the exams, meaning you would have received an email before the exam days, or during the exams, meaning the day you got back from them you’d have seen the sale.

If the sale happened before the exam, that was your cue. You knew the exam was coming up, and the correct action at that time is to notify the buyer of the issue. At that point, your choices were:

1- complete the work before your exams and deliver early.

2- contact the buyer and notify them of a scheduling conflict. If they are happy to receive the work a day or 2 late, agree to that, and if not, offer mutual cancellation.

If the sale happened during the exam, there’s no reason to have been late at all. Sure, you’d have only found out about the job 2 days into it, but you’d have still had 2 days to do the work, and could possibly have got the buyer to agree to give you an extra day or two if you’d messaged them asap.


For the future, here’s how I handle my scheduling.

1- Don’t give an estimated time that assumes you’ll only ever have one sale ongoing at any one moment.

I create my estimated delivery time on the assumption I will always have ongoing work. Let’s say that I have 3 hours out of every day during which I can devote my time to working on gigs, having accounted for time to do other work, housework, travel, eating and rest. And I know a single gig takes me anything up to 4 hours to do. If I only get one sale a day, I’ll quickly end up in a situation where I have work piling up and no time to do it. And that’s even if I spend every moment of those 3 possible hours per day doing my work.

2- Keep buyers notified.

Our buyers aren’t psychic - they can’t be expected to know what’s going on in our lives and to account for it. If a buyer purchases a gig and doesn’t complete gig instructions, message them once per day to remind them. If a buyer sends gig instructions and you don’t understand them, or can’t do what they’re asking for, message them. If you’ve got something coming up that will impact on the time you have to work on their gig, message them. If an emergency pulls you away without warning, message them when you get back from it.

3- Keep the gigs updated.

If you unexpectedly sell half a dozen gigs in a single day and know you won’t have time to do any more within the required timeframe, immediately edit the gig to have a longer delivery time. This won’t effect the gigs already sold but will prevent you from ending up with more than you can do. If you are going to be unavailable for X number of days, suspend your gigs for X+1 days so no new sales will happen while you’re away. This is especially important for you, since many of your gigs only have a 1 day turnaround time.


One final piece of advice, be specific in what your gigs do. With this gig:

I can’t actually tell what you’re selling. Will you create an excel document of the information the buyer sends you? Analyse that information? Advise them on how to create their own? You could end up doing far more work than you ever intended for a mere $5, because your gig description leaves it very open. As an example:

My gigs are all writing based. If I ran a gig that said “I will write a story for $5”, I could end up with a buyer expecting several thousand words worth of fiction for pennies. So I’m specific. I write 500 words for $5. More words requires more money. I also specify genre, so that I don’t have to worry about getting a gig for a writing job I can’t fulfil.

Anyway! I hope this helps. Good luck with your buyer!


Great advice :slight_smile:

However, you need to be 48 hours late fort he buyer to have the option to cancel.

24 hours late marks the gig as “late” and the buyer can put in a mutual cancellation request, 48 hours and it goes “very late”, with the option to auto cancel - so, the seller didn’t respond for 6 days


Luckily because you haven’t had that many orders yet, you will be able to build that rating back up quickly after some orders. Patience!


Reply to @twistedweb123:

Really? Huh, I didn’t know that you got a whole 48 hours before they could auto-cancel! That’s actually really generous.

Yeah, even accounting for 2 exam days, 6 days without a response isn’t good at all, especially as this means even having lost their original finish time due to the exams, there were still 4 total days to do the work and at least deliver late rather than not at all.


You can ask him to remove it, Tell him to send msg to admin… offer him 2 gigs for free or something like that


@vicmazonas and twistedweb123 .Actually,the estimated delivery was 2days.The buyer taught me some lessons and I had to change it to 4days…@vicmazonas ,I really appreciate your reply! I also learnt some shocking good lesson from you.Right now,am really begining to think on how to change my gig’s caption…I mean splitting the name…I really appreciate your idea…guess I should be more concise and specific in choosing my gig’s name


@cybercube is it possible for negative review to be removed?


Reply to @mekomgbo: Yep, He cant do it himself but admin can do it if HE ask


Great advice! Am really learning as a beginer