Buyers That Avoid Gig Extras


How often do you have a Buyer who will order your gig and then want to cancel their order right away to avoid adding your gig extra(s) and say they weren’t aware there was extras or they say they can get your gig extra for free with another Seller? How do you prevent this from happening or how do you handle that situation? It always frustrates me when people don’t read your gig description, or even scroll down to see what is available for gig extras. They just expect or assume everything on the site is $5


I am a writer, so I charge by the 100 words. if someone only buys the base, I explain that it is only 100 words, and show them what 100 words looks like. Then I tell them “for what you want, you need to buy 3 more gigs. If you haven’t bought them by wednesday, i’ll just do what I can with 100 words.” I have gotten a large number of order upgrades this way. just be honest about your pricing, and be confident in your ability. Tell them what to buy.



@johnnewland I’m a Photo Retouching Specialist. Most of the basic retouching is included in my $5 main pricing. Everything that is included in the base price is listed in my gig description. It also says that gig extras are available below. Extra things that extend outside of the basic retouching are at an extra cost and consist of minor and major retouching depending on how long their request will take me, if it’s outside of what’s included in the base price. However, I still get people who don’t read the description and think everything they want done is included in the $5 base price. If they don’t get their way, they just want to cancel. I’m trying to prevent cancelled orders, it’s just a pain in the butt


Reply to @brunettegrenade: Mutually cancelled orders no longer effect you. Just make sure it’s mutual. It’s generally not worth the hassle if the buyer is asking more than what your gig states.