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Buyers that constantly change their requirements at the last second :(

I have one buyer that sends me a msg nearly every day changing their mind on what they want done, it’s driving me nuts, should I put my foot down and tell them to stop mucking around and make up their mind already, or let them down gently and tell them I have to move on as they’re 1 request away from sending me to the funny farm? :stuck_out_tongue:

If they’re driving you up the wall, I say let them down gently. That kind of irritation certainly isn’t worth $5!

If a buyer were driving me nuts, I’d just cancel the order and tell them to find another seller who meets their needs better. There’s no point in wasting your time, energy and sanity for a few dollars.
If you don’t cancel, the worst thing is that maybe they finally like your job, and… order again ~X(

Did this buyer already pay for your gig?

What do you mean tell them you are going to move on, do you mean they have paid and you are going to “move on” by cancelling their order and giving a refund?

Or is this a situation where you are doing samples for free first in order to hopefully get the sale? If that is the case, then this is going to be another one of the issues that comes up with work flow of doing the actual work first before someone buys a gig.

Reply to @sincere18: originally they purchased the gig then kept adding stuff and wanting things changed when I kept sending samples back asking if that’s what they wanted and they’d say yes but can you do this little tweak here and there type stuff, eventually we mutually cancelled it because I just got fed up and said it would cost more if you want any of these extra things done as it’s taking up too much of my time for just $5 and I have other gigs I have to do, so I’m over it now, LOL :stuck_out_tongue: