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Buyers that don't mark order as complete

I have a buyer who I sent my work too and he even said “Thank you” and never asked for a modification ect, but has yet to mark the order as complete or give feedback. I know he’s new to the site and probably doesn’t know how to use it. Will a timer run out and automatically mark it as complete or will he have to? In the last case I don’t think I’ll be getting paid. :-S

Thanks guys


For many reasons Buyers don’t leave feedback. The order will auto-complete in 3 days.

When I’ve had a buyer leave a “thank you” on the gig page, I ask them if they’d mind leaving a positive review by clicking the thumbs up symbol. Some buyers don’t know how to do it or realise that simply leaving a message on the gig page doesn’t complete the gig and share feedback with the public.

Hi, I’m in the same position. I had a buyer buying my gig on the 18th December and it is still not marked as complete. I’ve sent him a message on Fiverr asking him to leave a review but nothing has happened.

What should I do?

Just to update you, my order is now complete.

Yeah I faced the same problem most of the time…

Put this little text in your delivery text, it will make new Fiverr buyers aware of it and raise your feedback ratio significantly:

If you are happy with the result, please leave a few kind words of satisfaction in the feedback box below.

Just click on the thumbs up and the box will open underneath.