Buyers that Ghost


Very frustrating -

I’ve had three very interested persons in a gig.

Talked to the one, sorted out what they needed, and sent a document verifying the scope of work. He’s now not been online for over a month (so maybe something happened? Hope not)

Second one - very interested, talked scope, sent a doc confirming scope of work with a created offer. And while they pop on now and then, haven’t replied to my queries to see if they have any questions, or even rejected the offer.

Third one - very interested - talked over what’s needed - advised a couple ways we can accomplish what they need and asked which they prefer. And nothing. They’ve been online also (they’re online right now actually) and while I sent a message as a friendly reminder that we just need to know which direction would work better for them - nothing. Not even a “no thank you, I’ve reconsidered”

I’m just frustrated at the lack of basic courtesy. If you don’t like my offer, or have decided to go in a different direction - that’s absolutely fine. But at least tell me about it!


This is the usual behavior when someone is not really interested in buying your gig.

You need to stop the long drawn out discussions with those who inquire. The longer and more detailed the chat, the less likely they are to buy your gig.

They lose interest completely when you do a long discussion. Whatever enthusiasm that made them message you to begin with dies out.


Don’t let it ruin your day. If at all, the only moment to get enthousiast is when they accept your offer.
I always set the date for the offer to be valid to max. 2 days.
If they really interested they will accept it.
For the rest I go on with my work for the clients and projects I have.


Do you see the link here?
I used to do what you are doing where I would do up a detailed plan of action and send it to them. Some did order but more often than not, they didnt. I discovered the reason why. Once they had my plan of action, they then went around to as many people as they could and asked them to give a cheaper price for the doing it. I only realized this after two incidents:

  • When one sent me my own plan and asked for a price; they did it accidentally, forgetting it was me…
  • When I saw my plan on Buyer Requests asking for a price and one of those stupid “Best price will get the job” lines.

Now I charge $25 for my basic plans or much more for detailed ones. They are then free to take that and price around but the majority who buy a plan have me implement at least part of it.
At the moment, you are doing their planning for them for free - lucky them. Value your time or people will keep taking it for free.


Sorry this is kind of off-topic but I checked your profile and saw you stated your English is at a basic level. Is that a mistake?


If it’s possible you could send an offer within a few minutes for them, once you see what they want. Then stop chatting with them and see if they accept it.

I see that what you do is technical, so details are needed to be discussed. I can see the problem you have now. You could try an inexpensive consultation gig.


Yes i agree with you but most buyers wont care to reply if they decided to go with someone else just keep in touch with them so you will know
i have had many of such buyers who talk and conversation gone further to sending order but dont place order.


I don’t know what’s in the document you sent them but documents scare people sometimes. If you can not do that, it might help. The less writing you send them, the better, so as not to spook them.


In one case, it was a very short discussion - followed by “ok, we can do A or B. Which works better for you?” And my gig is something very technical - if we don’t talk, then I don’t know what they need. To do otherwise would be doing them a disservice.

I would just prefer someone to say “I’ve reconsidered” rather than just pretend we never talked.


I’ll check that out - I’ve never adjusted that part of the profile. Thanks for the catch!


You might be on to something here - I had not thought of that. Maybe my offer can be to have a fee to send them the plan - even if it’s a small amount. That would at least guarantee me some results. Thank you!


Honestly, consultations really are the way to go. Give a little info so they know you know what you are talking about and then suggest a consultation order - even a $5 price tag will get rid of those who would not order anyway - and you save yourself the wasted time.


Yeah, I know where you’re coming from and it is indeed very frustrating, I’ve had my share of ghost buyers responding me after 3-4 months so I can definitely resonate with you. Anyway, what I would do is ask questions if I need to ( do you want it to be like x or do you need y? ) that keeps their focus on the subject and most likely they will respond, after the questions, you send them the offer and say something like ,this is the offer in case you’re interested" and leave it that way. If you don’t need to ask questions and everything’s clear, just send them the offer along with that line and go on with your day, if they REALLY want to buy, they will. Good luck.


Have you tried following up with something like “Can I answer any other questions?” after they have disappeared for a day or two. Is it possible that they were not aware of how high the cost for the service would be?

Do they seem sincere and knowledgable, or more like they are just amusing themselves by talking with you?
Have you tried throwing out tests of them early such as “this is probably going to be in the $1200 to $1800 range, how does that sound?”

As soon during the chat as you can, get a custom offer in front of them, a high one, to see how they react to it. When you send it go silent and wait on them for a comment on it.

Another test question could be: “How soon do you need to have this by?”
“Is this a long term project?” “When do you want to start this?” Anything to try to guage if they are serious or not.


To answer your questions -

Yes - I’ve attempted follow ups after they’ve been gone for a few days. One didn’t even get to the pricing, so I know that’s not it.

They do seem sincere and knowledgeable. As far as test costs? Too many moving parts and variables to estimate before any discussion takes place. To do so would be very unfair to them.

For two, did a custom offer right after we were done speaking.

Time frames are discussed.


So I got a bit of life out of two of them.

Buyer 1 - I had extended an offer. I withdrew the offer, advised them that I did so and because of the lack of contact, was making the assumption that they no longer wished to use my services - and politely asked them to contact the buyer in the future, even to decline the offer.

Got a response - person states that they’ve been working some very long days and haven’t had time to decide what they wanted to do.

Buyer #2 - I had not extended an offer yet. Sent a message advising that I hadn’t heard anything in about a month and was making the assumption they no longer wished to use my services - and politely asked them to contact the buyer in the future, even to decline the offer.

Got a response. They gave more details than I wish to reveal here, but have been dealing with a personal crisis that definitely takes a higher priority over a fiverr gig. I’m not going to reveal what the crisis was, and I assume they didn’t make it up. I do realize that they could be making it up, but it’s something to such an extreme and not what I think would be a first go-to made up excuse. So I sent my support and let them know to absolutely spend their time on it, rather than me.

So I guess we will see what will happen in the future with these.


It’s a shame you can’t close the sale on the spot. But they seem to be window shoppers. Usually if you can’t “close” the sale on the first contact you have lost them.
Not always though. I’m sure you know what I mean by closing the sale but it might be good to figure out a technique of salesmanship to use.


There’s no way the deal could complete on first contact - as I’ve stated before, too many variables. Some parts they provide to me, in order for me to provide work for them. That’s why a scope of work is essential so we are all on the same page and expectations/accountability of my work/integrity of my access to their domain is assured.

At this point, i’m just going to let it ride.


Yeah, I get your points but that’s how some individuals are… I had one buyer messaging me after 6 months!! She left the conversation hanging and after 6 months she replied like we talked a second ago lol
It’s weird, like seriously, in 6 damn months you don’t have 5 minutes of free time.
I believe it’s a mixture between ignorance and disinterest.
If you really want someone to do a job for you, by all means you will find, if not make, free time.


Do you mean plans such as a video storyboard or web designing ideas? :bulb: