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Buyers that make an order and then solve their own problems

Has anyone else been in this situation before?

I’ve been on Fiverr for almost 3 years, I’ve had this happen to me multiple times over the past year and it’s really dissheartening…

I work as freelance IT Support, sometimes a buyer will make an order with a software related problem, I’ll proceed to help them solve the problem and as I’m helping them they’ll say something along the lines of “I solved the problem myself” or “I searched online and fixed it myself”.

I’m always sad and worried when this happened because I feel bad for completing the gig even though I helped them but did not manage to solve the problem.


I’m terribly clumsy with my laptop (and for example, once deleted my bluetooth driver and then didn’t understand why my headphones weren’t working…) if I made such an embarrassing mistake and then asked for help - but the problem solved itself (it did, I just needed to reinstall the driver…) I would personally still have the order completed since someone still took their time to explain what I’ve messed up this time.
That being said, others might not be this clumsy (just unfortunate, maybe) so I think if they manage to solve their issue, good on them. You probably still sat down and researched their issues / started giving them pointers. Of course, they might end up asking to cancel the order (which is what I’d be more worried about). I wouldn’t worry much about this unless they voice that they do not wish to complete the order / want a refund.
(but I have no idea how IT works, so…)




You’re lucky they don’t ask for a refund. Thank them and tell them you’ll be there if they hit another catastrophe.

You can also offer a discount on future purchases if it makes you feel better. :eyes:


Thankfully the buyers are usually happy I was able to help them - I guess I made this post to vent a little bit haha.

I haven’t had anyone cancel an order because of this yet… but that’s what I’m worried about if it does happen.