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Buyers that make Bogus Orders (Cancel System)

Now this hasn’t happened to me yet personally, but I could see this as being a huge problem going forward as a voice talent. I’m sure other voice talents and even other animators and designers may have the same problem. (Correct me if I’m not understanding the system).

But I think there should be a way to ‘turn down’ an Order from the start, if an order is just completely out of line with what the Seller is offering. Let the countdown still start, but if the Seller looks at the new order and it’s not within their ‘requirements’ or ‘talents’… I think there should be an “ACCEPT” or “DENY” the order in the beginning so that they can turn the order away if it’s not acceptable with what they are actually selling, and what is advertised.

For example, if someone makes an order from me and says, “I need you to sound EXACTLY like Morgan Freeman when you read this”. Then when I get to that order, see that, and it’s obviously completely outside my voice range, I then now have to go through the process of telling the client “No, I cannot do that (explain why)” and then mutually cancel, which effects my stats.

If there were an ACCEPT or DENY button, it would make this process much easier and the process wouldn’t effect the seller’s stats. NOW, having saif that… if the Seller ACCEPTS the project and then wants to cancel after pressing that “Accept” button, THEN it would make sense that the client&seller would have to mutually cancel.

The “DENY” button, when pressed, would then be buttoned with a reason that the seller could click on explaining why they denied it.

**Job does not meet specifications & requirements
**Job is not fit for my talent

What about sellers that use the cancel order to manage their ratings. That is a much bigger problem. In the past 3 weeks I have had three sellers request to cancel the order on the day it was due. One of them even told me it was to avoid getting a bad rating.

Yeah but they can’t just cancel orders like that. In order to cancel, you’d have to mutually agree to it. The Buyer has more control over cancelling than the seller does. The seller can only initiate a cancel… in order for it to actually be cancelled, you’d have to agree to it.

Also by cancelling, the seller gets a ‘cancelled orders’ mark on their statistics, which by result feeds negatively on their rank.

If you had three sellers request to cancel your order, and you agreed to it, then, why did you mutually agree to cancel? If you would have waited it out, they (the seller) would have gotten a (hidden) 1 score review for not delivering.

THIS is why I wrote this whole thing. I think if something is bought by a buyer and the seller can’t deliver, (because it’s not in their criteria or skill set), they should be able to DENY the order from the start, eliminating any hassle.

Would a seller be able to abuse the DENY button?? Not really, I mean… they’d be losing a lot of sells if they did, so … I think it would be a good addition to gig pages.

It’s like just today even, I had a buyer that tried to be slick and get past my payment price options. He had a 138 word script, and tried paying for only 1 of my gigs which is up to 125 words, and anything after that number is 2 gigs.

Well… I check every document I receive and I saw his word count. I called him out on it politely. He then wanted to cancel because he didn’t want to ‘pay for the extra words’ … That’s fine, we cancelled mutually (I respect him for that). But what if he had just sat there and not cancelled until he got his way?? This is what I don’t like. And I think THIS is where, at the start of the gig, there should be an ACCEPT and DENY button… to where, after checking everything, the seller ACCEPTS the order, then it will be harder then to back out of the order unless there was a mutual cancel… This would give the seller a little more LEVERAGE over what orders he takes and doesn’t take. (ie, have advantage over what customers can come in and shop). Because if some crazy person starts making bogus orders… that would be a nightmare for the seller.

What do you FIVERRs think?

I agree with you. It happened to me once. A buyer directly ordered my Gig. I didn’t even know what he wants. He was not replying and then finally asked me to Cancel the order because he ordered it ‘by mistake’.

I have raised this issue as well that we should have a feature to manually accept the order that was posted via a Gig.

I think there is some legitimacy in the idea of the ability to deny an order right away for a real reason, but it shouldn’t be able to happen to a buyer the way you describe it. In my opinion, if sellers had the option to deny it should only be available for a very short window after an order is initiated.

It would still be limited for both buyer and seller, since the seller would have to check for orders as often as possible or does the deny opportunity without penalty. The buyer would stand a risk of getting an order denied, but not after waiting days or weeks for delivery. That’s entirely different from someone using a standard cancellation due to a failure on the seller’s part.

Yeah I agree, there should be like a short window for the seller to Accept or Deny the gig… like basically once the order is OPENED or something, and viewed by the seller, an automatic clock is started. 3-4 or hours maybe? That way enough time to look over the gig, and possible conversation between seller and buyer. If the buyer is not available, then the seller can list the problems wrong with the order when he/she DENYS it and ask that the buyer fix these problems (if there was one to begin with), and re-order.

I think this needs to be a thing for sure. I just hope the folks that work on the website actually read these pages. :slight_smile: