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Buyers that NEVER complete the order form

Does anyone else have a long list of people that never submitted the information to start the gig?

I even have a $20 Tip gig order sitting there that I can’t claim because they never entered info to “start the gig”.

Drives me nuts to have that money sit there in limbo!

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Ugh, yes. I find that those buyers usually, for some reason, think that they’ve done everything they need to do to place an order and that that order is active.

I had that few times before. Actually still “sitting” around.

Even worse. Buyer gave me a tip with another gig, as before there wasn’t tip option after completing the gig. And he didn’t submit information at all. I asked few times, never got reply. And few months later, he messaged me to cancel that gig, so he can get his money back. I told him that was tip what he gave me. And he said that he don’t remember it. lol

Ha, that sucks @arty182925. Yeah I had a TIP GIG back before it was integrated into fiverr. I have a few in there just sitting.

On a few of my gigs I made it so that NO information was required. This means the clock starts as soon as the buyer completes the purchase. It guarantees that I get the money… but not always the content to complete the order. Pros and Cons, but at least I can be in control of the refund should the buyer never produce the info.

Even if Fiverr came back with a Year Old policy, I would appreciate that. The buyer has already spent their money. So it’s just sitting in Fiverr Limbo. Doesn’t really seem fair that they get to keep it. Oh well.

I used to have two empty squares until I met a buyer who couldn’t figure out how to fill the second square. Now I have one square.

If nudging doesn’t work, try writing a personal note.

I always nudge them first then send them messages everyday, they only get 7, then after that I cancel, LOL :stuck_out_tongue:

I guess you could cancel. But I always hope they will just return one day.

Thanks God! I never got any irritating buyer like this…
And I wish you don’t get any in future. Good Luck!