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Buyers that use work immediately yet let submissions go to auto-accept - WHY?

It’s not just rude, it’s unethical - now you’re putting me in a place where I have to worry you’re going to arbitrarily request a revision or cancellation, and all the work I’ve just done is already indexed in Google and useless for resale.

If you care enough to hit me up for an insanely-fast turnaround rush, and comment how much you love it, and immediately put it up on your site (yup, I checked), then care enough to hit that little “accept” button and do things in the right order, please. Now I’m likely going to have to wait three days on top of the 14 days (muttermutter) that Fiverr forces me to in order to get my money. Thanks a lot.


For design is easy because we have watermark.

I guess you could put in your word or pdf file a subtle watermark or header indicating “If you do not have issues with delivery, do not forget to click accept delivery.”

I usually deliver final file in order messages with question are you ready to accept this? And when they say yes, no more corrections needed I send the file in delivery.

But writing is specific.

You could do the same by sending photo of your writing with watermark…

Or maybe something during conversation to make them understand that clicking on delivery is mandatory to use the files…


I’m glad it’s not just me who gets wound up by this behaviour.

I had one earlier this week - the buyer’s behaviour was vile by my standards.

Prior to sending a custom offer, and detailed within the offer itself, I made it clear that the delivery would be ‘at some point in the next 18-24 hours but not before’ (so they had an opportunity not to place the order). They accepted the offer and immediately messaged saying they need it within 12 hours. I just ignored them, went to bed and did the work the following morning after a leisurely breakfast.

What did they think they would achieve by behaving this way? Did they think they would charm me into thinking ‘what a lovely buyer… I must make every effort with their order’. Err, no. It was a good reminder why I rarely offer a 24 hour service - such people are disorganised and rarely good clients.


People who are in a rush are in a rush. It’s obvious. They won’t spend a moment on something that doesn’t add to their… rushed goal.

On the other hand, if they are a reseller or work in the same field, they may not want to disclose their purchase. Or maybe, they want to see the results before leaving a review.

In all cases, if they have published the work, it won’t hurt to send a little text or reminder, something like…

Hey, did you check the delivery? Do you need any modification or something? I’d be glad to help. Thanks.

Beware if you use the above message though. You could be giving ideas to a ‘bad’ buyer.


It’s one of 2 things. Sometimes buyers…forget. They got what they wanted and left the site, assuming everything will work out fine. I already paid, didn’t I? What more do you want! Is probably what they are thinking. I’m not going to leave an icky review! Whatever. I got better things to do. Now yes, not all buyers who forget think like this…but these people still exist.

Another is like @wordsfire said. Resellers waiting for the original buyer to rate them before doing the same. Or even not doing so at all, because sometimes (for orders involving art/audio/video) it shows up on the sellers page after they accept and leave a review. And the original buyer might see and realize the reseller is a fraud. So instead of even risking that scenario happening by accident, they don’t even accept/leave a review. Which leaves US to wait the excruciating 3 (or during the holidays 7) days for the order to auto complete.

(Side tangent. I found a hack for fellow writers when delivering orders to resellers.)
I’m dealing with one right now, but they think “Since it’s a writing gig no one will know”. But I’ve recently started adding screenshots to the orders of my writing projects to hinder these resellers from pulling a fast one. Yes, they can simply not leave reviews. But a lot of these resellers don’t think that far ahead and are just trying to rush and deliver because they are on a right deadline.