Buyers that want to buy the universe for $10 and say "Keep the change!"


I was checking the buyer requests now and I was taken aback by the absurdness of this request

I was curious and downloaded the document. It had 423 words which are estimated to be 2.5 to 3 minutes of video depending on the speed of the voiceover. If there is no voiceover, it will even be longer.

  • Please only sellers that can do custom drawings. REALLY? 10 dollars? That budget will only draw one custom character in the video.

What is baffling is, there are 22 applicants. I’m sure it is just a battalion of sellers that don’t read and apply till they use up their 10 requests.

Amazing isn’t it?

This is the reason why article writing is not the most lucrative on Fiverr

I feel you :joy::joy::joy:


I think it’s funny. There are 3 types of buyers on 5r: the clueless, the cheapsake and the average - which I like to think are the majority.

I think that buyer falls under clueless. The people bidding are not the type that can do what he wants and I guarantee that there will be problems. I’m looking forward to the complaint from both sides on the forum.

Hey why not enjoy some popcorn when we can? :slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing and made me laugh. :joy::rofl:
In Asia here we used to grab ‘peanut’ instead and just enjoy the show.


Haha. Very true. Perfect classification.

So yea, I’m gon’ BR and Chill Haha.


Remember this line from Home Alone 2? “Keep the change, you filthy animal!” :rofl:

But, yeah that BR is ridiculous.


There are 22 very desperate sellers.
The one who will be ‘chosen’ will complain on the forum next week.


Yup! It’ ok tho… His/her :baby_bottle: will be ready! :joy:

Out of :broken_heart: will be back to give you some luv, Mario!


I feel hugged instead, if this is OK with you :slight_smile:


We need a thread with all the most absurd Buyer Requests

Would make an entertaining read every morning :joy:


It’s cold here today, shivering brr. :fire:

So, here’s a warm hug :hugs:


Thank you (with way more than 20 characters) :star_struck:


I started a thread very much like yours couple of weeks ago. I quit checking Buyer Requests section. Too many clueless people.


True, a lot of buyers that want too much. But I won’t rule it out completely.

I have gotten about 3 projects from the BR this year almost totaling $1k

It takes a lot of patience though and a bit of luck (for those kinds of buyers to send requests)

Since the applications are usually canned, you have a high probability of getting a chance with a personalized application.



$10 is still plenty compare to many many request that have “BUDGET FIXED: $5” (yeah, the caps-lock is turned on).
Assume that you can provide your own voice over for the video, I still doubt if the revenue can pay for your electric bill spent on those projects.


LOL :joy::joy::joy:
A few days before there was a buyer request that
" i need application same like WhatsApp. with complete functionality. and my budget is fixed 25USD"
25 applications were submitted to that post.


Why didn’t he (that buyer) buy whatsup ? for $25. :laughing::joy:


Hahaha… I am thinking that what the seller will have send them in the application. :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


Hahaha, hilarious, he shouldn’t be surprised if they send him the Whatsapp APK as his delivery


hahaha yes thats a point :joy::joy: