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Buyers that want to 'jump the queue'


I have a lead time of around 3 days for most of my gigs. Most people seem to find that okay, but a small handful of customers order the gig and don’t submit any information until 2days (or more) in the gig. It looks as though they’re placing the order when they’re not ready so they don’t have to wait later on. This is a bit of a nightmare for me, does anyone have any tips on how to prevent customers from doing this?



Apart from sending them a message, there’s not a lot you can do unfortunately.


I ran into this issue when I first started my family tree gig a year and half ago, I started with a 5 day lead time, then as my orders increased I went to 7 days and now I am at 10 days and that has worked for me


If you have something in the buyer’s instructions, the clock doesn’t start until the buyer submits the required information. :slight_smile: