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Buyers these days acting sus

[I got a message from a “potential client” but it was a weird one. Was wondering if anyone else got one from them. It’s pasted below.]

"Before a decision can be made, I will pay you $100, if you can correctly tell me what is happening in the attached videos.

This is NOT a joke or a prank.

I am VERY serious.

Apologies, if you feel your time has been wasted.

Cyril Hinds"

[Attached were two vids that looked like sunrises. Didn’t click on them because I’m not about to give my computer a virus. Most likely some scammer. But if it is real, I’m baffled at the ridiculousness of how they sift through potential contractors with a message like that.]


Wow, that’s very suspicious.
Yes, I will never open any attachment send by them , but if it just video or mp4 , I may give it a try.

Maybe those buyers are just some rich kids or doing a prank that will eventually appeared on YouTube :laughing:

It is surely better not to open things that might be suspecious. However, may be he is making some YT video as you will find many Youtubers coming on such platforms to make different kind of videos by approaching different sellers

In fact, the “Buyer Request” option has turned into a joke, because 99.99 percent of the amount of Buyer Requests that I see every day is fake or a waste of time. Most of them are sellers or scammers who aim to finish your valuable time and buyer request tickets rather than help you. It is really unfortunate that scammers can come to such a big and honorable marketplace and do these things on a daily basis and the authorities are not taking any action against it.