Buyers - think about it for a second


If a seller is selling twitter/facebook followers and likes - and also sells gigs to promote your products and services to there hundreds of thousands of followers, does that not get your alarm bells ringing?

Yeah, they may be genuine followers/likes, but in all honesty - they probably are not.

Just a friendly reminder to think about that when ordering a promotion service like that. Check the sellers other gigs and if they sell gigs that offer followers/likes, then its basically a waste of a fiver.


I know that. But too many people don’t, that’s why SEO “experts” have the most sales up here. But they will able to do this until Google founds them and destroys their work.


Some people advertise ‘real’ likes. The first guy I bought from here that claimed to give real likes actually delivered that. People that he sent my page to actually interacted with me and stuff!

But everyone else has failed me so far.


If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is


And what’s worse, your webpage can disappear from Google search because of such gigs. I hope the Support knows about this and handles such gigs with reality check.


If anybody needs any help with things like this, feel free to message me. But, if somebody is saying real likes or real traffic, for five dollars, they are in all likelihood not being truthful.


I Disagree with this as i admin a facebook page that has over 58,000 general likes from mainly the UK,

I have created 2 spin of pages related to that page and within a week i got 7,000 likes on one of them and 5,000 likes on the other.

Im growing these 2 up to offer similar services but direct posts instead of posting into the photo description


are they likes you have bought/used software to get? Or organic likes?

How could somebody possible get you 1000 likes (for example) unless it was some form of bot or software? You cant force people to like something and you cant offer them cash as the $4 you get would be half a cent each (roughly).

Or in your case you offer 50 genuine likes, well care to explain (without giving your game away) how you get 50 people to like any random tat that comes your way?

You are the type of seller I refer to because you offer likes and views and stuff that is 99% of the time on Fiverr, bots and software AND you offer promotion to all your facebook fans, which makes me question the authenticity of such gigs.


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their are real sites that pay people .0005- -.01 cents a like on facebook or youtube video watch or a tweet or what ever you need I am assuming that is what people mean when they say real and its in the thousands


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Call me paranoid, but if I “buy” a bunch or FB likes or twitter likes, wouldn’t I have to give the seller access to my pages? Big no-no for me.


I feel the same way but most people are very naive. Even if someone’s earning points or cash to like pages, they’re not targeted and not really interested in what you’re offering.


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