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BUYERS TIP: Spot a fake portfolio


Im a graphic designer and sometimes I like to check out the competitions portfolio.
To my surprise Ive come across several Sellers who post work on their portfolio thats not theirs.

These arent Level 1 or new Sellers. We’re talking Level 2 and above.
I came across a website that allows you to upload an image and the site will indicate where that image is shown.

Ive seen Sellers post images on their portfolio that belongs to a Stock Image site.
Simply goto

I use the Snippet tool from Windows 7 and copy the image I want searched.
Its that simple.

This is mainly for Buyers looking for graphics work.
Good luck in your search for good honest designers.


Do you have rights to use “Grease” artwork in your profile?


Your point being? I added the faces. Im specifically talking about using an unaltered image and posting in your portfolio as if its yours


My point being that your profile may otherwise be fine, but altering or using another companies work may be against copyright law. Grease:

Phonographic Copyright § – RSO Records, Inc.
Copyright © – RSO Records, Inc.
Record Company – Deutsche Grammophon GmbH
Pressed By – Phonodisc B.V.
Lacquer Cut At – Phonodisc B.V.
Pressed By – Phonodisc GmbH
Lacquer Cut At – Phonodisc GmbH
Art Direction – Glenn Ross
Copyist – Bob Borenstein*
Design – George Corsillo-Gribbitt*, Tim Bryant (2)
Producer – Louis St. Louis (tracks: A2, B1 to B4, B6, C1 to C6, D1 to D3, D5, D6)


Ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho hoist by your own petard!

Commercial use, dude.

Additionally, instead of using Tineye, which is useful, you can also just right click on the image and select “search with Google Images”. Tineye also has a right click extension for the ultra-lazy, like me.


Good tip corvega. I noticed that immediately when I was searching through hundreds of illustrators. I found three different sellers using the same picture on their portfolio. I’m sure fiverr would do something about that if they are alerted.


I thought about mentioning Google but I felt lazy and hoped someone else would do it. Thanks! :slight_smile:

I use Google when I’m on Chrome because of the lazy feature. I have found that if I’m on a major image hunt, Tineye sometimes finds things Google misses. Not often, though. So, my vote is, post has some use but OP needs more originality.


Actually Johnnie boy gave me the thumbs to alter that image…he sd I look much better on it


Excellent, let’s see the evidence then.


Evidence is right on the photo…Im a hell of a lot better looking


Your comment is unrelated to my post. Please re-read and understand what Im saying. Im not talking about permissions of using a photo. The post s about taking someone else’s photo…not doing a DAMN thing with it and placing into your portfolio and making it seem its your work. COMPRENDE?


And I’m pretty sure everyone else’s point is that when you take a photo that isn’t yours and you don’t have permission to use, and altering it, does not make it yours. It’s still stealing someone’s work. If I go to your house, steal your TV and put a fake mustache on it, I would still get arrested even though I altered it.


I have to say, @mommymonster’s hit the nail on the head here. This isn’t an argument you’re going to win, even if you want to split hairs over permissions not being a part of exactly what this post is about.

It’s just not a very good argument. Besides, even if you’re talking of fair use, your profile pic is very much recognizable as the Grease thingy and only a small (rather egoistical, it has to be said) part has been edited. Looking at this, er…

You’re guilty of what you’re moaning about, which is why nobody agrees with you and kj’s point is entirely related to your point.

Be careful in that glass house…


Funny how the only ones nitpicking are women. You guys are always good at that.

Whose moaning? Just making my point whether you agree or not.


The law can be a bit nitpicky too. Always good to see a bit of latent chauvinism seep out apropos of nothing.


This thread gave me a laugh after a hard day at work. Thanks for that!


best analogy ever…