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Buyers trying to get a 'better deal'


I seem to have had a few people lately giving me promises of x number of orders in exchange for a lower price (so for example, asking me to charge them for 5x gigs and doing the work of 20!)

I used to get really annoyed seeing these messages, but now I just reply back in a matter-of-fact kind of way - “It’s $5 per whatever”.

What do you do with such “requests” from buyers?


Hold your ground :slight_smile: Though I’ve caved in for several times, I try to hold my ground especially if I think I’m getting the bad part of the deal


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I decline ALL such orders - and really irritates the crap out of me when i get such messages! It’s FIVE DOLLARS… seriously… :open_mouth: >:(

My video gigs are $1000+ work in the “real world” and i tell them that… they’re getting an insane deal.

The sellers who do take these “deals” are RUINING it for all other sellers! Don’t sell yourself cheap!!! It’s already crazy cheap on here!!!

Just my two cents :wink:



Thanks Vedmak,

I will begin to do that. Anybody, what is the deal with buyers wanting sellers to deliver through Dropbox. I feel like they are trying to “get over” on sellers, trying to be cheapskates. Have a buyer making bookoo money as a speaker but will not pay to shorten his word count since I require a 100 word count on my gigs, long story short, he didn’t read the gig description and trying lure me to put it to Dropbox bypassing Fiverr’s payment system so he can just pay the $5 instead of $5x2 gigs for script modification. The nerve of people!


I like all your comments, tell it sister, yourawesome! I don’t want to go there but you did it for me.


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I know! I’m getting messages like crazy asking me for crazy discounts.

Like "Hey Deanna - if I’m asking for 30,000 words can I get it done for like 2 gigs"

UH . . . NO!!!

Only one guy has gotten mad that I said no so far. He was like "What you don’t want business that bad do you, what’s your problem?"

Yea, I don’t want to work for free, that’s my problem LOL


Yeah $5 per gig is cheap enough as it is for buyers. It sometimes feels like they expect us to work for free lol


Just decline the buyer politely. Simple as that.

I don’t see any reason why these buyers should bargain for a $5 product.


Reply to @deannabalestra: I will make you sound like a Marketing GOD by rewriting your boring content

Uhm what if I’m already a god?


Reply to @vedmak: Thank you!


I get these offers as well. I have a gig for writing a 400 word article for $5. People tried to make me offers to write like 50 articles for $80. They must not realize that writing a unique article probably takes more work than most other gigs and I’m supposed to discount it that much? I’m sure these buyers will end up getting someone who spins articles that will take an offer like that, but I do everything freehand. I deserve to at least get paid my $3.92 per article that I sweat over.