Buyers trying to get free work?


I’m curious if anyone has had this happen to them?

I am currently feeling as if I am getting scammed, as if this buyer is trying to get free work from me.

My service is pretty straightforward and not very easy to misinterpret. However, I currently have a buyer who keeps declining the work after I send it and asking for more things (or less in some cases). I’ve completely fulfilled my service, "I will draw you in greyscale, based on a pic you provide"

yet now he wants me to redraw the entire thing without the greyscale?

I’ve been working on this one gig for longer than I’ve ever had to work on any 3 others. I have a 100% user rating and have never had a problem like this. I do not offer a service that says “I will draw your image in line art” so how do I go about making sure I get paid for the service I’ve already completed?


Have you communicated with the buyer? Remind them of the gig parameters, and let them know that now that they’ve changed their mind you’d be happy to start again in a new style (if you can or want to) provided they repurchase.


I agree with @bachas85, but explain to the buyer first and if he/she does not agree, contact CS.


Yeah, that worked and he finally understood after about 15 exchanges. Thanks for the advice.


Same issue with me. Some buyers trying to get free work. They are like: Are you able to make this a jpeg to .png file for free! :frowning: What should I do with those buyers either I work for free or do I ask them to purchase a gig?

Thanks in advance


Send them a custom order when they do that. No you do not work for free.
If they want something extra they have to pay for it. This is what the custom order form is for.

Click on custom order and write: “I will for $10 make this a jpeg to .png file” and put the time to an extra 2 days. Then they can either accept or decline.


Remind buyer about the gig description and send him/her extra gig :).


Just send them a custom offer and an explanation that whatever new work they want is outside the scope of your current agreement. If they bellyache, shrug your shoulders. Worried about a bad review? Contact Customer Support with a brief explanation of the issue, and let the seller know that until they pony up the $$$, they’re getting nothing. Bad review because of that? Contact Customer Support and show that this is a needling bad review based on ridiculous, unpaid for expectations.

Flip a finger at cheap, obnoxious buyer in the process. In your head.


If you stay long on Fiverr and have hundreds of sales, it will happen eventually that one or two buyers will try to take your work for free. If you are totally sure that you are on the right side, you can always report the issue and try to fix it through customer support.


If happens to me all the time. At first I used to tell them that I will do it as a bonus. Now I prefer to send them a custom offer and explain that it is additional work and I will make an exception for them (but they have to pay for it). Just try to be nice and explain clearly what your gig offers. Some buyers will understand and appreciate you for the supplementary work.