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Buyers trying to hire me

I’m getting annoyed at buyers trying to use this platform like an indeed or ****** (Other Marketplace) type website. I’m hired BY THE GIG not on hourly pay, salary or a commission basis. It’s against the terms to hire someone off of fiverr for a regular job, and they don’t seem to get this. How do I explain to them that this isn’t the help wanted ads or ***** (Other Marketplace)? I tried to tell them to go to ******* and the word got flagged when I typed it in. I want serious fiverr buyers. What can I do about this?

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You can always report and block them.

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Can you give an example? Is it along the lines of can I work for you? Or, do you have work for me? Or, I will do a logo for you for $5 and it will be best ever?

They know it isn’t so just stop answering them.

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You could ignore them, block them or set a quick response to quickly let them know.
Maybe there is something about your profile or gig, you could try asking why they thought, i’m not sure if that is the best option though.

…Or maybe you could say on your profile or gig that you are not looking for this type of work, A disclaimer or something.

You can politely tell them that that’s not how Fiverr works, and perhaps direct them to the Help section for buyers.

If they still keep insisting, block them and report them.


I put in my gig. Note: I don’t work for commission nor am I looking for a full time job.