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Buyers Trying To Scam Sellers


Hi there, recently I had a buyer who started a gig with me and when I provided a sample of the work before delivery he said he really liked it, which means he was able to hear that audio file. When I had the full song done and delivered he continously claimed that he couldn’t hear anything at all and just saw a photo. After two days of submitting those files 239874293748 different ways and proving to him with videos and screenshots, he still claims he can’t hear anything without providing any proof from his end that the audio wasn’t working. The audio files are simple MP3 and WAV, all my other customers can hear the files I send and I have never had this problem before. So now, I’m quite confident he’s trying to scam me out of the money now that he has his final project files, he claims he can’t hear them which mean he would cancel. The reason that makes me so angry is 1. I don’t get paid 2. My reputation will take a hit from him cancelling his order and 3. He has my final product, he gets to keep his money and I’m left with bad rep and bad numbers. I understand Fiverr can’t force people to spend money but I’m hopeless in these situations and NEVER get any real help from Fiverr seller support. I don’t care so much about the money as I do with my reputation. I’m infuriated by this. Why can’t Fiverr have anything in place to protect the Sellers reputation from scammers? Because we ALL KNOW how hard it is to fix your reputation from one negative mark.


Its Really Bad
But Don’t lose hope. You’ll get better than that
Be motivated Please


I shouldn’t laugh but you made me.

Well, it could be that this one buyer for whatever reason can’t hear anything or didn’t even find the download button or whatever. Did you try DAU service like asking them what player they are using to play it on their pc and to make sure the volume is turned up and such? :eyes: But it could be that they try to scam you, of course.

Could you ask support if they can download the files you sent the buyer on their part and check? If they can and agree that the file is okay, maybe that would help your case.

Hope you can turn this around. :wine_glass:


You could put them on your youtube channel (or make a youtube channel) and make the file private with a password for him only.


it was really sad
may allah bless you


Support has the files I sent them and they agreed that the situation seemed frustrating. Trust me, I went beyond what I had to try to help this guy. He wouldn’t show me anything on his side. Any time I asked him to try to describe his issue in detail he completely ignored it. He showed many signs of trying to scam.


Just keep delivering it and telling him that there’s nothing wrong with the file. Also tell him that if the order is canceled and he somehow magically gains access to the song afterwards, it will remain your intellectual property and it will be illegal for him to use it. Harsh words, but if he’s not doing his best to remedy the situation, maybe he deserves it.


You might be a more convincing if you add that you will seek prosecution by whatever that international internet authority is. I can never remember the name.


As well as asking him to check the audio level in the program he’s using/windows mixer, you could ask him to load it into a program (eg. editor) that shows the waveform from the file and ask him to screenshot it and to attach the screenshot.

I agree you should ask him to tell you what program he’s using, and to make sure he checks both files (mp3 and wav).

But it may be he’s trying to get free work, and I agree with fmskeen you should say something like that cancelling will return the rights to you.


I had someone tell me he didn’t see any files that I uploaded so I sent them by inbox— I could see the files I sent him right there so he couldn’t deny he could see them.


I faced lots of these kind of scenarios and got orders cancelled. got minus reputation, lost valuable time. lost level badges. Unfortunately there is no way to stand out from these frustrating situations unless customer support is care and see from the seller’s side. I hope you find fair solution from CS. :slightly_smiling_face:


Well if he heard the sample which I assume it was in the same formats, why can’t he hear the whole thing?

He wants free stuff, that’s a no no. Maybe you’ll get a negative review but I wouldn’t let the payment slide.


your are right @thesocials but there is possibility that may the buyer is really unable to hear what you deliver so please try to deliver in different formats … if you are sure that he/she wants to cheat you then please …Contact CS they will help you to avoid cancellation or negative feedback .
follow the link to contact CS


You can upload it to a YouTube channel, make sure copyright it
He will magically start hearing it :slight_smile:


Had a similar experience 2y ago
Buyer complain that there is nothing on preview image file i send
It was a logo and even i got bit confused after reading his reply
So i send him a refund
Anyway, I did send him a HQ image preview with a watermark that hard to see without zoom in
Once he notice that watermark, he start asking me a clean version of that logo
He even ask me to pay x3 times than original order
But i didn’t provide him anything :slight_smile:

So always send a version with a watermark, or a track with some background word
Never send final product right away


I get so many scammers but at least I can screen some out. But I’m tired of it.