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Buyers trying to take advantage of sellers!

Hi there! I just wanted to share what I faced recently and to see If anyone had the same experience. A buyer for the first time asked me to do a job for him on a weekly basis staying on Fiverr. We discussed and everything was going good until I asked for a budget. He told me he will pay $10 for more than double the amount of work twice a week. I was shocked as it is less than what is written in my gig with double work than what I offer.
He also asked me to do deep research and find complex data (unique every time) as this is for his website customers who will be getting gifts worth 100s and 1000s in the form of trivia. Me being a nice person told him politely that it is way too much less and not worth double effort without saying a direct No. After a long pause, his last reply is OK THANKS and I think he won’t be coming back. :roll_eyes:

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yeah! same experience as like as you.

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Yes, this is not uncommon that people will bid as low as possible in the hopes that a seller is desperate for the money or ratings or both. You did well to deny him services, as it would probably go very poorly for you.



Why did you even ask for his budget if you have clear prices on your gig?
Did you think that he will tell you bigger budget than in your gigs and you will charge him more?

To avoid this situations just give them clear pricing that you have on your gig and direct them there to order it.

To be honest a lot of clients hate when sellers asking them “what’s your budget” because it immidiately feels that they are trying to cheat you instead of giving the pricing that they have.


I did not directly just asked for his budget. I usually never do that when buyers ask for custom offers. Told him that I charge xx amount for xx data as he was not being clear about how much data he wants. After this he shocked me by saying that he will need twice amount of data with less payment. *As he will be working with me for long at least few months). But you are right, after this I will never in any scenario ask for a buyers budget haha.

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agree with you. learnt new from you.

Yes, you are right, at a point, I felt like saying okay as I have never experienced this kind of situation before and thought It would be rude to say a direct no. But thinking that it would affect my other orders and timings without even getting paid for what I usually get, I finally said no indirectly.