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Buyers unable to open Docx files


I have had five buyers all unable docx files and they are showing as either empty files or XMLs. Is this a bug? I am sending the files in the usual format and I haven’t changed anything.


It’s possible their computers may not support opening those kinds of files. You should ask them what year editions they have for Microsoft Word and Excel. To open a .docx file, for example, they need to have the 2010 edition of Microsoft Word; for .xmls it’s the 2003 edition of Excel.

For a few of my buyers I save the file as a .doc (which is able to be viewed by the 97-2003 edition of Word) and also send them a .txt document to make sure they can receive it. As of yet, I haven’t had any issues with sending Excel files.

Hope that helps!


Reply to @jane277: Best of luck to you - I hope it doesn’t cause too many headaches.


Reply to @itsyourthing: Thanks. I did a search earlier and found there was a discussion a few years ago from people having the same problem so I thought this might be a glitch. I use Word 13, which has Docx as default and that might be causing some problems for people with older versions of Word.


Reply to @maddisont: Thanks for replying. I haven’t had a problem before; I am using Word 13, which has docx has its default.

I think it is probably because some people are using older versions of Word and that’s causing the problems.


Reply to @jane277: It may also be some glitch with Fiverr, if it’s all of a sudden. You may want to contact Customer Support to ask them. And in the meantime, if you can, you may want to send your files as text or PDFs.


Thanks for replying. It hasn’t been a problem up until now. I wonder if some people are using older versions of Word and that is what’s causing the problem.


If your buyers don’t have the appropriate MS software, there is a free, open source program called Open Office that opens docx files.


Reply to @itsyourthing: Thank you. It has caused me a few already, but I will try your suggesting of sending them as text.


It could be that some of your buyers use old versions of Word, or, they could be using Open Office and Linux (I have an older version, and while I can open .docx files, the fancy ones, with logos and templates and what not, sometimes turn out messy, with some parts of the text unreadable).

What you’re describing could be caused by an older version of Open Office. If that is the case, sending the document as .doc, .rtf, .txt or PDF might help.


My 2c tip is: don’t send docx files to your customers!

You have to understand that Microsoft Office is not for free and some buyers couldn’t have it on their pcs at all; they could have OpenOffice, ok… but what about their mobile phones? Consider that nowaday mobility connection is (almost) everywhere and mobile phone is used from many of us (with or without Fiverr app)… and mobile phone usually don’t have free support for docx files!!

As @itsyourthing told you, convert your documents to PDF and send your customers this format, 'cause it can viewed from every device with native or free apps.

Your buyers will be happy :slight_smile:


Reply to @mark74: I do understand that Office is not for free and not everyone has it, but I have sent nearly 1,000 documents out the same way with no problems until recently.

Docx is default in word 13 and my buyers don’t want PDFs, most of them want it in Word so they can open the document and publish the content on their websites.

There was a glitch on the site before, which is why I wanted to know if anyone else had the same problem recently.


Reply to @catwriter: Thanks for your reply. I am going to try .rft or .txt and see if it works.


I have Open Office and it usually opens .docx files but I had a buyer yesterday who sent me a .docx which was blank so I asked him to save it as a .doc and I was able to see the text. But I also had another buyer today with a .docx that had no problems. To gain some time maybe it would be best to just save the files as .doc because they seem to always work. :slight_smile:


Reply to @elinora: That is what has been happening to me. The files have been appearing as blanks or as a zip file fo some reason.

I sent a set of documents to one buyer and he opened them with no problems, but when I sent him another set, he couldn’t open them.

I am going to send them in a different format and see what happens.