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Buyer's unresponsiveness is hurting my On-Time Delivery stats. Please help



I am a new seller. I had a great start. My buyers liked my work and they gave fantastic ratings and reviews. In last couple weeks I got few orders from various buyers. They placed orders and then they were not available to discuss and check proofs. It resulted in late order deliveries. Eventually orders got completed and they gave 5 star ratings and excellent reviews. But Fiverr marked them late and very late!

My On-Time Delivery stat is at 86% now. I am about to reach level 1 but now I have to reach 90% till next evaluation period which 20 days from now.

What should I do? Please help.

Thanks in advance!


Whenever the time is running out, I would recommend you ask for a time extension through the resolution center. Both you and your buyer would need to approve it. Since the buyer is delaying, they shouldn’t have a problem accepting the time extension requests.

It’s what I always do whenever the delay is from the buyer’s side.


In case it happens often now and that won’t work too well - buyers who are unresponsive might be unresponsive to time extension requests as well, some just log in once a week or whatever - it might be good to reassess your delivery times to have a bit more wriggle room to nudge them about doing their part early on, wording it nicely, of course, so they are aware they will have their order in time if they respond to your messages.
Most people like to get their delivery early, so that might help.


Thank you so much! I will keep it in mind.


Thank you so much. What you said is absolutely right. I will follow your tips.


That happened to me way too often. I try to pin down all the details of a project before any orders start, to make sure I won’t have to do any back-and-forth during the ongoing order. Easier for me as an illustrator, because I can make sketches and revisions before the order starts, but I guess there are ways to do it similarly in other fields. It does happen that I make a sketch and they never get back to me, but I’d rather spend a few hours working for free than having half of my orders messed up by unresponsive buyers.
I also make the delivery time much longer than I actually need to finish, because there will always be delays from the buyers side.


I totally agree with you. Sometimes buyers just order and disappear! Thank you for sharing your thoughts.