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Buyers view my account and pass, what will i do to make them order my gig


For graphic work i think its important to show as many samples of your work as possible. Atm you only have one sample image per gig and flyer gig sample image is from 2010, maybe you should show some more recent sample work.

Reply to @kjblynx: What?! What self promotion, the guy here is asking a simple question.

Buyers are viewing his gigs but not ordering, why not answer his question with a few tips that you’re always banging on about instead of bashing them down eh ?

This is the second time I’ve noticed you do this morning.

Putting up nice cover photo and filling up your gig portfolio by uploading three amazing samples, can definitely help a new seller. Remember, patience is the key. More orders will come after your first sale.

People have taken the time to look at your gigs and offer good advice. I agree with what’s been said and would like to add: read some of the hundreds of posts that have been written to help people like you optimize and promote gigs, find buyers and make sales. Use the forum search engine, upper right corner. And remember, self-promotion belongs in the My Fiverr Gigs forum.

Personally, I wouldn’t buy anything graphic from someone showing only one sample. You are competing against thousands of other great graphic designers. That doesn’t mean you can’t make sales, but you have to offer really outstanding work to succeed. What you’re showing isn’t particularly special or unique.

Yeah, Max, get a tonne of samples up like the guys have said.

Also, your description isn’t particularly strong. It doesn’t take me through the process of wanting to buy from you. If I were just a casual buyer, I’d probably click away from your gig, simply as there isn’t enough to hold me.

don’t give up please put some nice cover image and gig images and put awesome description about your gig good luck for you