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Buyers want discounts of larger projects

I got a message from a possible buyer asking for rates and time, when I sent him back the information he said he was hoping to work a little on the price SINCE THEY WERE BIGGER PROJECTS. It just makes me so mad, I just kept having in mind “i’m not costco” haha, but yes I was mad because a larger project means more focus and more time taken away, at least that’s what I think.

What do you guys think? Should we offer discounts or not?

I have given discounts on large orders when the project is something i really want to do. Financially this makes no sense though, at least not in my case. My fiverr rates aren’t really profitable so taking on large projects might have a negative impact on my income as they take me away from the work that brings home the bread.

I almost never offer discounts, even for repeating customers since I will still have to put in the time and effort to finish the order, plus it will be unfair to the other buyers who had paid in full price. I’ve had some buyers get angry at me but I never cared. I might lose one customer but there will always be another person who appreciates what you do and is willing to pay for it.
I do give discounts once a year or so, depending on the situation. In most cases though,
absolutely not!!!

Fiverr is already a discount site, so I think it’s inappropriate to ask for cheaper rates. To do so when trying to negotiate the very first job in a professional relationship is a HUGE RED FLAG. Firmly tell them that “x is my rate, and this is not up for negotiation”. If they persist, ignore them. If they get angry, report them to Customer Support for being abusive.

Which reminds me, I have an order in the queue and the buyer’s already asking about a discount for “the 25 whatevers we have lined up”. I have one very jaundiced eye to turn on that tomorrow when I get around to the gig. The answer is very likely to be “as per my rates…no.”

I give small discounts and free extras to regular clients who are a pleasure to work with and always place large orders without them asking for it.

Yeah, I lost that client, but I wasn’t super sad about it. I’ve had some other amazing ones who do value what you do and the time you put into it.

Agreed, a huge red flag! We have to stick to our rates, we placed them for a reason!

Yes! I agree with this, it’s different when it comes from you or it’s a regular, than it being requested as “I’m doing you a favor with a big project”.

That’s exactly my case, large project aren’t always something good for me.

I generally get large orders only for specific gigs and if the starting price for those gigs is more than the basic $5, I do offer discounts. But only on something substantially big.
Or for repeat buyers, I decide what and how much of a discount to offer them depending on the current order and the number of times the buyer has ordered from me.