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Buyers want things for hecking free, r u srs?


So I was getting quite happy after sending some offers to a bunch of buyers requests… And then I was receiving positive answers about all of them and just thinking “heck yeah, I’m gonna get a bunch of deals!”

But now in reality, what I got so far was a bunch of buyers who are looking to get a nice work all for free. I literally got a 200 words script, and the guy wanted me to send that as a demo… A 200 words D-E-M-O! And the last one; a job in exchange for recognition, like heck yeah, give that recognition, bruh…

Honestly I’m pretty frustrated, I’m getting a bunch of messages but no one wants to really pay for it… Why are these people here?


yap. I facing the same problem brother. :frowning:


I can’t understand bro


Here’s the ultimate chart of whether you should work for free. Spoiler: there’s a lot of "no"s.


Next time someone asks you to work for free just send them this:

There’s a lot of people like that here. They’ll ask you then five more other people, and then they’ll have the entire job done for free. Sit tight, you’ll get legit buyers soon.




Unfortunately buyer request is filled with unreasonable “buyers” that need a lot of work for pennies and when someone ask for a demo then you can say nor or show them your portfolio if you have one.