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"Buyers" wanting relationships?


Fiverr is getting on my nerves - and I’m relatively new. They want us to use real pictures of ourselves and use real (or close to real) names because it helps sell. Really all it does is help scammers and spammers find the people that fit their scammy profiles and spam them. And yet, I still have to respond as if it’s a real buyer. There are times that Fiverr has already marked the messages as spam and we STILL have to unblock and then respond and then re-report/block.

Is this a problem for anyone else? I’ve had offers of men wanting to visit me, wanting to start relationships with me, telling me they love me and being a little to gross, asking for money, and asking me where I live/my phone number and on and on. And I still have to respond to that first message. It’s like the #metoo movement just bypassed Fiverr and they are encouraging this by forcing us to respond to them in the first place.

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Oh my gosh.

Just reading this post makes me feel gross. Do yourself a favor: tell them no, then report them immediately. You can choose to have them be unable to contact you when you report them.

It sucks, it’s annoying, and I wish there was a way around it (I get a bunch of spam too >:( ) but put it beneath you and move on.

I’m hoping there will be a change one day that if a buyer has already been marked as a spammer that you don’t have to unblock and reply.


I am very very new, so i dont have any thing to say. But it kinda creepy that people saying to you that they love you they want money and your number.
What can say it is internet??
Wish you luck


Just remember to be polite as all those buyers can and will rate your responses! - That’s how Fiverr makes sure its sellers give 100% satisfaction!

Yes, sadly we all get evil/weird/serial killery people messaging from time to time. All you can do is fire an automated response, block the sender, and hope they don’t order directly to say “Hi.”

Also, you could consider using an alternative profile picture:


I had no idea these jerks could still rate me. So, isn’t having to be nice to harassers to keep my rating the equivalent of being nice to the harassing boss to keep my job? This sounds like there’s a problem here and if Fiverr isn’t careful, they will end up sued for complicity in sexual harassment, or worse if someone doesn’t understand completely and actually loses money to one of these people. Come on, Fiverr.


From my experience, the report/spam button now works as it should and there is no need to either respond or unblock the auto blocked ones.

In this case, when you report them as spam, the user will not have any option to rate the quality of your response which is what @cyaxrex is referring to. It is an unseen rating that is sometimes done. I would not worry about it in the slightest.


This is why we should have an official update thread. Something like this would be nice to have confirmed officially.


I agree, because until I know for sure, do I risk my (albeit) small Fiverr reputation on it?


Do you have a success manager? If you can check with them and get a positive response you can always blame them if/when it goes wrong :slight_smile:


Hello, Tara!

Welcome to Fiverr and the community! :tada:

What you’re dealing with is disgusting!

I’ve been dealing with the same issue on Fiverr from the day I joined. However, for me, I don’t engage them in any conversation. Otherwise, I’d go off so badly & viciously. These creepers cannot control themselves or should I say bananas. I’ve had men wanting to :airplane: fly to their cities to spend time with them and take me :shopping:. Men wanting to be my sugardaddy. I’ve had guys sending me their personal cellphone :iphone: and business numbers to get to know me better. There was another one who said I’m “wife material” that I’m his dream girlfriend. I’ve had the foot :footprints: fetish people wanting to sniff my toes and buy my worn :high_heel::high_heel:.

Wait there’s more…

Then I’ve had the NSFW stuff, too that caused me to raise my eyebrows. :hushed:
It effing sucks, that these types cannot get a grip and understand Fiverr is not a freakin’ dating website. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

A few users I’ve reported accounts are still ACTIVE, I mean really? :confused: It’s like a slap in the face. They get a second or third chance to behave this way towards other women on this website.

Another thing that sucks… In order to keep my (response rate) RR from tanking, I’m forced to send these Aholes a message. :rage:


I guess this kind of “buyer” is not into old wimen :laughing: as I have never had that problem! Only once has anyone contacted me through messages to chit-chat. There are some benefits to being a bit older :older_woman:t3: than the average seller. :wink:


This is very very bad thing Fiverr have to be take step against that kinda activity


LOLz, I wouldn’t rule it out yet. I’m sure some of them are. :smiley: Consider yourself lucky that you haven’t come across this lot. It’s a never-ending saga, I’ve seen and heard it all on here. It’s weird when they start using terms of endearment like “baby, babydoll, sweetie etc.”


The behavior you describe (or at least the majority of it) isn’t appropriate for a dating site, either.

Nobody should message a person they don’t know and ask to sniff their toes, be their sugardaddy, or tell them that they’re “wife material”.


This is not 100% accurate yet. My own response rate is 98% right now because of one message that was auto-blocked by Fiverr and did not allow me to “unspam” it and reply. It is definitely that message that caused it in spite of Fiverr’s disclaimer saying it wouldn’t affect my rate. Granted, they have always been willing to reset my rate to 100 if I submit a ticket over one of these, but since it didn’t affect me for eval I didn’t bother.

As far as this goes, I have all the sympathy for the OP, but I don’t think sympathy is all that helpful. Fiverr is global and #metoo definitely does not apply to a large number of Fiverr users, particularly males from locations where women have different societal status.

I have had little trouble with offers of love (except from Eoin) but that’s probably because I’m old and have an attack cat. I have had trouble with angry buyers or angry forum users who have attempted to hunt me down. For this reason, I use a photo with enough digital alteration to look a bit different and that photo shouldn’t turn up much in reverse searches. I also make sure that it is not easy to find out exact details on my location or life, though people have certainly tried really hard. Moderators are given very little protection from this.

I do think that it’s necessary to expect to encounter some crazies and some pervy types online anywhere. I think sellers would struggle to get far with a lawsuit. Social media companies and other online retailers have these same issues but they have carefully guarded legal status due to their international presences. If we were actual employees, it might be different but we aren’t.


I’ve written to CS to get clarification on all of the topics we brought up here - politeness, speed, ratings and so on. I will update this when I hear back. Thank you all for your input so far.


At the risk of having a helpful post marked as spam, you could always point the perpetrators in the direction of this video:


You need to try harder. That VW in the drive is a dead giveaway…

My response rate is 100% despite a spam message which I couldn’t reply to a few days ago. However, I do still unspam all the messages that I can to send simple rebukes to spammers.


I wouldn’t be surprised if their system is a bit hit or miss. I mean, I know, it’s flawless Fiverr but…

Gee, now you posted my house/van RIGHT on the forum! I told you to keep it quiet!


Well, I’ve reported some spammers and after it have seen the system say me I should answer the message in 24 hours or my rating will fall or smth idk, so I answered anyway.