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Buyers wants to test my skills. Scam?

Hi everyone,
Today I sent an offer to a buyer request who said he wants to build a footwear brand and wanted to Photoshop some images for web stores. He contacted me saying, he wanted to test me if I am skilled enough for his project and included some instructions and images.

“This is a testing for me to see your work. If like your work then you wil be working permanently for my brand”

But, I already have gig that shows my skills.

So, I made an offer for him for just $5 and sent this message.

"Hi, please understand that I do not give free samples. These days buyers tries to trick seller into doing free works and they never gets paid.
I propose you try out one simple Gig to find out if my service fits to your needs! Thats the real nice thing in Fiverr - trying out a service for just 5$
I hope you understand. Thank you for your kind cooperation.


And to my surprise, I got this respond. “Good bye. Do not contact me again please”

I had read on this form that people are tricking new sellers into doing work for free. That’s why I couldn’t trust him. Am I doing something wrong here as a new seller? I know I am supposed to keep all my buyers happy but I also feel like there are few scammer out there.

Thank you for your time.

No, you did the right thing. If this buyer was that serious about working with you he would spend money for a sample. Never work for free!


Well, you shouldn’t have said this:

It’s rude, and it’s implying that the buyer is trying to scam you even though they might have been honest.

Other than that, you did nothing wrong. Working for free rarely leads to anything good.


Thank you. I will keep this in mind. :blush:

Never ever doubt of rejecting your decision to doing free work, buyers already have more than enough freedom on this platform and if buyer used to get freebies in this manner then they will stop paying for every service.