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Buyers-What makes the decision when you order a gig?


Hi Buyers, I wanted to ask a question about what drives you to order a gig , is it the rating? Were you attracted to the title or display or was it the description? Do you go solely on the rating or not notice it? How about the feedback left, do you read it and decide it’s the gig I want?

If you comment here, I’ll check back in a few days to see if anyone answered this. I’m hoping you will take the time to comment. Happy Buying and Happy Holidays.



I buy Gigs that merge with my Gigs for my Off Fiverr clients.

For me to buy, a Seller must have…

  1. A clear, well thought out and business like bio.
  2. A clear, well thought out and business like Gig description.
  3. I contact Seller with canned questions and judge worthiness by the responses.
  4. The tone of the reply must be business like and helpful.
  5. The grammar in the reply must be very good.
  6. The ability to understand the questions and provide a clear and succinct reply.
  7. Several other factors.

    The moment I sense a Seller lacks basic communication skills or is out of touch with generally accepted sales and service principles, I move on.


I look at everything when buying the gig, just like Madmoo! :slight_smile:

I never let unrated sellers put me off (we were all unrated at some point :smiley: ) plus I’ve found some real gems this way too :slight_smile: I mainly buy art gigs and drawings for fun so the main things I look at are the Gig Images.

However, I were buying a service for my business then I would spend a lot longer researching gigs, comparing prices and quality (if I’m able to see their Live Portfolio or samples), turn around time and basic communication skills. I’d send them an e-mail and I’d except a fast, well written reply. If I waited 3 days and got someone who wrote in slang or chat speak, sorry you’ve lost a sale lol!


I am new to fiver, less than a month. I have purchased about a dozen gigs plus extras and spent over $500.00. I work for a small non profit and mostly use Fiverr to help build our social media and gigs that will help us moving forward with our mission, but have also purchased some art gigs for my personal use.

I look at the gig image and description first to see if I have any interest or see any value to me in their gig. Next I look at the rating and cancellations. Less than 95% or more than a few cancels and I move on. I am more than willing to look at and have ordered gigs from an unrated seller.

Next I read the description closely and watch videos and look at the other images. Then read The comments, they are very important to me positive and negative.

If I like what I see on their profile I send an email with my questions. I understand sellers get busy and have lives outside fiverr, if I do not get a response with in a day or two I move on. usually it takes 4 to 5 messages back and forth before I place an order, I like to be sure we are both on the same page.

I am more than willing to work with a seller on deadlines. I will send them a notice if they are close to the deadline and ask if they need more time. If I do not get a response back, I ask for a cancellation 24 hours after the deadline. (that has happened twice already).

I do read the forums, and will not buy from sellers who post their own gigs into every thread.