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Buyers, what's your experience with posting requests?

I recently posted up a few requests in four categories, I made sure that I was as descriptive as possible with the work, I made it very clear about the style I wanted to and the parameters of the work.

I knew I’d be recieving plenty of copy&paste responses and unrelated offers, but jeeze… across 4 requests, over 150+ offers, I read each one and went through at least half the gig galleries, I only found about 2-3 relevant offers. I’d blame this on the countless people telling new sellers to “send 10 buyer requests a day”, I think it just leads to desperate buyers throwing offers at anything.

I don’t think I’ll be posting requests again, I mean, I could’ve just kept flicking through the search pages myself. I was curious as to see what experience others may have had as buyers? Have you found what you were looking for? and do you have any tips on posting up the right request to filter the low-effort offers?


Unfortunately, this is EXACTLY what the buyer request section is – desperate new sellers who crave any order attention that they might get, and most buyers demanding that sellers do the work they want for pennies. A good seller can still find strong work in the BR section, but he/she needs to know how to compete – and win. Most sellers responding have no knowledge or experience in regards to competing for the job.

Buyers, who are willing to go through all of the copy-paste nonsense can find the offers from the serious sellers, if a serious seller offers something. The serious seller offers are pretty easy to spot though (since they easily stand out from the crowd). I’m sorry to hear that there were no serious offers, in your experience.

Unfortunately, the only option here is perseverance. There will ALWAYS be crazy low-effort offers, and, as noted, those will always be the majority of the “offers” you receive. There are, alas, no automatic filters. Buyers have to sift through the weeds to find the flowers.


I have posted requests on Buyer Requests three times in total, I think. I only use it for overcrowded categories where it is just overwhelming to go through all the offerings. Like you, I was astounded by the number of irrelevant, copy-paste proposals - and the great amount of spam your inbox will receive from desperate sellers who do not respect your privacy or the Terms of Service.

In the end, I did find good sellers for every single proposal - one of which I still order from every month. So, it is possible to find gold through Buyer Requests; you just have to sift through a lot of junk.

I don’t think that is possible. You will receive those kinds of offers no matter what you post.


Unfortunately, this section is almost useless - after few attempts to find a freelancer by posting a request, I realized, that I should do this only manually.

My very first experience - I needed a person with some certain skills, but this person had to be in the US and I added it like “USA RESIDENTS ONLY” - it’s not that I didn’t want to work with anyone else, just the specificity of work.

I’ve got about 100+offers from people from OTHER countries and few of them contacted me in my private messages. i told, that we need someone, who is IN THE US ONLY, and he told “I can come, if you make me visa and find apartment”…

I don’t know what they are thinking about by sending offers to requests that doesnt’s fit them, but this is the reality…