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Buyers who act like *you* inconvenienced *them*

Ever had a buyer who sifted through hundreds of other sellers only to listen to your samples and choose to hire you, submit their requirements, and then act like you’re inconveniencing them during the order process after they demand work they didn’t pay for, complain about the wait time they agreed to, etc.??

Also gotta love buyers who message you acting like they’re blessing your life by giving you the time of day. My favorite line is “if you do this well, I may have more work for you in the future”

How’s everyone else’s weekend? :sweat_smile:


Also known as “Looking for a long-term collaboration”. I never know how to respond to these. I do have “long-term” collaborations but those buyers have never made an official announcement about it. They just come back and buy the gig, repeatedly, for years.

It just always sounds to me that the person is looking for special treatment and is going to feel entitled to my time all the time. I had a few buyers behaving like I was their office employee (minus paying the wage, of course). That wasn’t nice.


I got one buyer now who agreed to the seven-day timeline but is asking me if it’ll be due that day? I want to say… do you see any cancelled order, failed to deliver on time"??? Or better yet say, yep, it’ll be due that day 2021.

See what kind of reaction I’d get from that!?!!!

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Maybe I’m easily offended, but it always puts me off they would think I’d delivery subpar work in case it was a one-off order. I’m a professional, it’s my name, my brand on the line.

The carrot and the sticky never really worked for me and as a rule of thumb as soon as they say anything like that I turn they away gently and slowly.



I’d love to see that.

I think the reason buyers message this is usually because they’ve mismanaged their time and they’re worried they’re not going to deliver THEIR work by THEIR deadline, so they’re trying to hurry you up. I always include this in my initial message nowadays: “If you have any questions before the deadline, please send me a message. Otherwise I’ll touch base again as soon as your files are ready.”

Seems to have discouraged that question quite a bit!


Staying professional with people that honestly don’t deserve it is what’g giving me grey hair, haha.
By the end of the day I always have some f*** offs bottled up.

I wish to live in a world that saying f*** off is professionally acceptable :joy:


The other day, we had someone place a standard, 3-day order, then immediately message us saying;

“If you get this back to me today, I’ll place another order with you.”

So we said, “Sure, we can deliver today. The cost for that will be $___”

To which he said;

“Oh nah, I’m not paying any more. I dunno, just thought you’d feel incentivised to go above and beyond for some more work. Never mind, I’ll go elsewhere for the other work.”



In my experience, those never actually end up becoming returning buyers. Most often I don’t even notice my returning buyers because they have some generic name, don’t write a lot into the requirements and before you know it, you’ve completed 8 orders with them already :smiley:

I’m always put off when their initial request contains sentences like “you will do this for me”, or “can you serve us with this”, which most likely comes from a language issue if English isn’t their first language but I can’t help but feel these phrases are rude.


UGHHHH this makes my blood boil!! Can you imagine going into a store and asking for free stuff and the complaining that the owner isn’t “incentivised” to give you free stuff for the promise of more business later? Give me a break



“If you can serve me the cheeseburger I just ordered in the next 30 seconds, I’ll buy another one.”


That reminds me of the “movie producer” who contacted me for some urgent (and quite extensive) project a few years back. He genuinely expected me to 1) faint as soon as he mentioned “movie festival” and “producer” in the same sentence; 2) offer a 50% discount in price and 75% reduction of the delivery time for the same reason.

I declined because it was absolutely unrealistic, he came back with a passive-aggressive parting retort. It took every ounce of my willpower not to tell him: “I have friends in the movie industry and every single one of them has a pretentious movie short they’ve made that they and their mom consider genius, there is nothing special about this project at all.” I wished him a nice day instead.


what kind of movie producer asks a freelance artist on Fiverr for a 50% discount??? you’d get paid way more for your art anywhere else. I bet his movie sucked


I don’t have good experiences with “movie people” on fiverr in general. Most of them will just send you a vimeo link with their movie, expect it to be self-explanatory, expect you to interpret it the same way they meant it to be interpreted. Then get extremely offended when you interpret it differently. The only exception is horror movies. Those usually have strong concepts, the buyers are willing to elaborate on and discuss the symbolism. And usually, both of us are having fun when we work together.


i am guessing you had a bad client. Its ok. there are some bad people just think of this as a life lesson and move on. Have a nice day.

“do the needful ASAP”

Of course, they’re not paying for the extra fast delivery.


I’m not sweating it, I’m just having a laugh with other sellers on the forums :slight_smile: it’s what the ranting pot is for.


Along the same lines, had a buyer/seller come back after being happy with it, completing the order and rating it, only to tell me that they didn’t think my work was actually that good, but they wanted to “give me another chance”. :thinking: Needless to say, I didn’t feel like giving them a second chance.


Did ‘giving you another chance’ somehow involve you being expected to work for free?

I thought it has only happened to me. :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile:

I’m not sure what they expected to get out of slapping me in the face like that, honestly. Intimidation? Expecting me to go above and beyond? :woman_shrugging: It was a good reminder to myself though, that I can fire clients and not have to put up with rudeness, at least.