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Buyers who ask for discounts? So disrespectful!

This always bothers me. I offer illustrations on Fiverr and often get asked to give a discount. Say, they want 3 people drawn and they place a $10 order and ask me to give them a “good deal”. What the heck? :slight_smile: $5 is already very cheap for the effort I put into my work, and besides I only get $4 for each order.

If the buyer Tips me however I always supply an extra version or add a few more details and I think it’s just plain RUDE and disrespectful to ask for a discount when my service is already so cheap!

Any experiences?

I think every single seller on Fiverr has had this experience! I’d say about 20% of my potential sales involve being asked for some sort of deal/discount/bonus. They usually message to ask before ordering. When they do, I briefly reiterate my VERY OBVIOUS pricing in the reply. If they order first, I often cancel. It’s just not worth my time to play with messages or ridiculous buyers. :slight_smile:

I have just cancelled an order because buyer had to order an extra for their job.
It has been mentioned twice. Once in the description and another in the requirements that if your job matches this criteria then you have to order an extra.
But the buyer intentionally ignored it and hoped that I will do it for the basic gig.
When asked to order the extra, the buyer proceeded to cancel the order.

I had to cancel an order this morning because the buyer ordered on the wrong gig… wanted me to rewrite an article that was clearly NOT a news article, and in one day. The difference for this buyer… price…

When I explained why I was cancelling the order, the buyer just couldn’t understand - to them, an article is an article.


Yep we all deal with these buyer’s…

It happens sometimes. As I work with translations, it’s not that bad to offer a small discount and get a new client (i.e. my job is 400 words per gig and someone asked to do 1k words per 2 gigs).

Also, I have got situations where he ordered directly and less than the necessary. In this case, I message him and ask to order more. If he agrees, I do the work normally. If not, I do proportional the amount of words he ordered.


I don 't waste my time on these types of buyers at all. I don’t need more business at any price since I usually have more to do than my time allows anyway.

I either ignore these buyers, or tell them they’re already on a discount site.

■■■■ 'em

I’m really clear on this: I don’t offer discounts, always charge the same and usually say it’s “because I do the same careful work and take the same amount of time per job no matter what size it is” (or whatever applies to their request). I also say my fees are so low/competitive as it is that I can’t go lower.

I’m also really clear on what I do and don’t do and I almost always cancel on jobs that are outside the scope of my gig. I’ve ran into too much trouble trying to do other things buyers ask for and it’s not worth it.

I had another seller remind me gently on a thread similar to this that most buyers operate under the “If you don’t ask for something, you’ll never get it” principle. Yes, it’s annoying when buyers ask for discounts, especially considering that this is already a discount site. The issue is that lots of sellers do offer discounts when a buyer asks for them or automatically through bulk deals. That teachers buyers that sellers will offer discounts if they are just “savvy” enough to ask for them.

There’s no need to shame buyers that ask for discounts–they’ve obviously successfully gotten a discount before and therefore think it’s at least possible, if not just the norm. Often, if I gently say something like, “I’m afraid I can’t offer a discount,” I’ll sometimes still get an order out of the exchange and the buyer doesn’t go away feeling like I’ve called him an idiot.

Most of the sellers meet buyers who ask for discounts. Earlier I used get annoyed but now I think its a part of business and we must deal with it.

Simply tell them that giving discount is not possible as you do lot of hard work to make this happen and send custom offer along with that message. They will either place the order or will ask to cancel it.

There are lot of buyers who sometimes just give a try to get some discount even if they can afford the actual price! :slight_smile:

You guys are nicer than I am. I just tell 'em Fiverr takes 20% off the top. And prices here are already the lowest on the planet. About half the time the customer orders anyway and never mentions price again.

Sometimes they ask for a gig extra they haven’t purchased. Sometimes I give it, sometimes I don’t. It depends on how much time it takes me and whether I like the job or not.

Reply to @itsyourthing: The legend lives :-bd

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Reply to @misscrystal: I’m in the same boat. I have plenty of business! I don’t need to discount at this point, or do things I don’t offer in my gig. I usually politely make a suggestion that they find a seller offing “such-and-such” job for them that better fits what they need.