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Buyers Who Believe They Can Dictate Prices?

Hey All,

Been a while since I posted here. Come a little closer and hear this one, though I am sure it is all too familiar with most sellers.

So, a buyer contacts me from my gig page wanting an animation within 24 hours and outlines what he needs, no problem. I check his profile, he was here for a while etc etc. I didn’t charge him a rush fee, it was not a heavy animation, no problem, I’d help him out.

Sent the offer for the requested items, and lo and behold as soon as the order is placed, he wants two gig extras and asks if he can get them. I said sure, no problem, given it wasn’t a part of the original brief, here are the associated costs.

Oh goodness now, the buyer then thinks it is silly he has to pay for these two gig extras. I said, oh ok, well, here’s your refund (because, I am tired of this foolishness and with this new review system, I am not about games). He ignores it and says he’d pay for one, but certainly not the other (still wants it mind you).

[Matter Solved]


Yeah. Know that one all too well. The argument I get is “It shouldn’t be too hard to go a little bit beyond your scope, why should I pay more?” Well, if it’s not too hard YOU do it.


Yes…, it’s happend all the time…,

Based on my experience before…, it’s better not to accept an “urgent” request from buyer.
Because of the tight schedule, we won’t be able to deliver like usual standart —> Buyer will dissapointed… or… It’s just a naughty buyer
“Money is not the main priority, Customer Satisfaction is!”