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Buyers who buy without explanation

I got the order yesterday and he just wrote “YES” on every instruction I needed. I contacted him, he did not answer. I thought maybe he was working there. okay I wait, and until now still no explanation of what he wants. What should I do? the delivery time keeps running. :roll_eyes:


Wait, do you mean like, they didn’t even send you a reference picture but just wrote “YES” instead?


Maybe you should deliver a “yes” Just kidding… Here is what support told me regarding a similar matter…

Hi there,

I’m sorry for the difficulty you’re having with this order.

We understand that for some orders you may be running out of time or you haven’t received enough useful information to complete the work. There are several options to take in this case, the most acceptable of which would be to propose a mutual cancellation to the buyer, or ask us to cancel the order while it was In Progress so the buyer could re-order. You can also extend the delivery time by using our Resolution Center.

Keep in mind that we are at no better position than you are: we also don’t make any money when an order is canceled. Keep in mind that the order will be marked as late if you do not canceled it deliver it ahead of time.

When you identify potential miscommunications, it’s best to address that earlier in the order process and at times request a mutual cancellation to avoid later mishaps.

Hope this was helpful.
Kind regards


How much time do you have left?

You don’t want the order to run late. Your option is to submit a request to CS, ask them to cancel the order since the client never provided the information you need, or you can go through the resolution center where you can ask your client for a time extension.


Exactly. I have 2 questions for the buyer if they order my gigs. First I need a photo and 2 explanation of him. but he only wrote “YES” on both parts.

I have canceled it and just waiting for the response. Thank you.

2 days left, but I have canceled it, I just waiting for the response

This was probably the best course of action. Any buyer who doesn’t care or take the time to provide the information a seller needs is probably not the kind of buyer you want to work with. Someone who genuinely wants your services, will take the time to work with you so that you know what they need/want you to create.


It’s been canceled and the money is back, but my % “complete order” is reduced. whether it is influential

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The refunded order will only affect your “completed orders” stat for 60 days. After that, your stat will rise back to where it was. This is Fiverr’s way of encouraging sellers not to get in the habit of repeatedly cancelling orders. This one cancelled order won’t hurt you. Sometimes cancellations are needed, and Fiverr understands that. They just want to make sure that it doesn’t become a habit. :slight_smile:


I understand. and I also made a cancellation on the grounds that even the Fiverr provided “that the buyer who ordered no response at all”. Thanks for the explanation Jon :smiley:


You’re welcome! I’m glad that I was able to help.