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Buyers who chat vs. direct order placement


Hello friends,
I have a question… do you think the buyers who get into long chats
with you and tell you to send a sample before are more serious or
others are better who place a direct order…
Sometimes after sending a sample i feel that I have been fleeced and
the buyer could be a hoax … just trying to extract a free template from me…
I am a graphics designer…


I prefer buyers who talk to me first. That’s a good way for me to vet them and see if they are serious about revamping their website or not.

I’ve paused all my gigs with out of office message and take orders on when I’ve talked to them.

It won’t probably work with smaller orders.

Regarding samples, you should show your past work so it’s almost 0 effort for you. If that’s not enough tgen they can move on.


But what about the chance they
just extract a template from you and fly away!


How would they?
I show my past work that I’ve built for someone else


Sometimes they demand an initial skeleton draft … and I make it for them… because I am a new seller and I am ( frankly speaking ) desperate…


and sometimes they say . … your past work doesn’t fulfill our requirement
’ can you make something ’ a quick draft


The majority of people who ask me for writing samples don’t even speak English.

i.e: hello,could you provide some article that you had wrote,we project need find someone who can write high quality article about blockchain,thanks

Followed by:

ha,you can not give away the sample you have been wrote,emmm,which mean you cannot approve yourself, just like POW

How would this person be able to ascertain the quality of any sample I send?

Regardless of the gig niche discussed, buyers who need to chat and/or would like to see samples are often the worst to work for. In the majority of cases, they are resellers of your services who don’t know what they really need or even how to interpret their end clients requirements.

Discussion & Sample Request Buyers to Avoid

  • If a buyer wants a discussion but starts asking several questions already covered in your gig description, they just want a discounted rate. If you say no, they will move on. In this case, don’t waste your time
  • Always avoid buyers who say they have lots of work for you if you are the right person
  • Never give samples to other Fiverr sellers or buyers from countries on the secret These People are a Nightmare to Work with List
  • Avoid any discussion with a buyer who can’t say what they want. i.e: “I need content.” Followed by: “It’s for my website.” - (When you explain that you need more information)

When to Engage in Discussion

If a buyer starts a conversation with something like: “Hi, we are a new Stockholm teddybear company and we need a logo for our website,” it will be worth your while entering into further dialog.

The client knows what they want and they know how to clearly communicate their brief. What they might not know is how logo design works and this is where you fill in the gaps for them.


I’ve ordered more logos than I can remember from Fiverr and I’ve never asked for a free draft.

I pay for mockups, but usually portfolio is enough

It’s not a rule, but asking for a free draft is often the first red flag


I think we should communicate with the buyers before they place the order as it is a clear cut communication and set up the right expectations among both seller and the buyer.

But there are some buyers too, that often go to the gigs directly and place the orders directly without discussing anything with the sellers (that can be a pain at times). Some buyers ignore or don’t read the Gig description carefully and place the “less amount order” for a bigger task.


Thanks uxreview… that was what i was trying to establish…
and the fact is…
I NEVER GOT an order after these chats…
I always got orders … when they were just there… directly


Thanks for these tips…
I have saved them and will make good use of them.
God bless you.


Logically speaking… I think its a healthy activity…
But practically…
I think I HAVE BEEN fleeced a few times without my even realizing it…


… Yes I agree it can be a pain… they resort to complaining later…


I had a buyer once… .who ordered ‘critical analysis’ on my
plain and simple proofreading gig… and then became rude and threatened
with a bad review… I had to cancel that order to save my skin…
my order completion rate is suffering ever since.


You are right!

We as sellers, have to take care of too many things:

  • Buyer reviews
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Order completion/cancellation rate
  • On-time delivery/modification requests