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Buyers who do not provide all the necessary information to complete an order

How do you handle buyers who purchase items but do not provide the necessary information to complete the order?

For example: I have a gig which mails a letter. After they purchase it an email is sent requesting name, age and mailing address. What do you do when they do not provide the additional information?

I’ve sent them each a follow-up notice every day but tomorrow is the delivery date so I’m not sure what to do now.

Also, does this negatively impact my rating? (I’m new so I really don’t have a rating yet… but I’m working on it!)

Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide.

I’d deliver an explanation text just to avoid late delivery flag from fiverr system.

If the buyer don’t respond within 3 days the gig will be marked as completed. If our buyer is literally gone it means you get to borrow 4$ until he/she gets back to you and work things out. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response. For these when I pull up their order in Fiverr I have no way of ‘delivering’ their order. There is something that says “Buyer not responding?”. That is where I sent the buyer a request for the information.

Where would I deliver an explanation to the buyer?

Also, how do I do a mutual cancellation? I do not see anywhere on the order a place to cancel it. All I see is:


Please wait until the buyer responds to your instructions.

and the "Buyer not responding?’ link.

I’ve attached an example of what I see.

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Ah that, if buyer didn’t leave any respond after buying your gig you don’t need to worry about delivery time because it is not yet started nor counted in fiverr’s system.

Great! Thanks very much for the responses. I was worried that I would not be able to get these completed by the delivery deadline.

Have a great evening!

I got this kind of situation too many times. But I found some buyer doesn’t understand properly our requirement then they are confusing in this stage. We need to guide them to provide actual details and reasons of required information. If they are providing some information which is harmful to them like in my gig some buyers were providing business mail for submission then immediately I advised them to not use business mail id because it gets lots of spam. For communicating properly with buyer we need to increase delivery time for providing more satisfaction.

Reply to @gpt123:

Thanks. I’ve learned a lot on my first gig for a letter from the Easter Bunny. I need to be very specific with the gig description, followup information, and delivery time. For example: In my instructions, I requested the address so I could mail the child their letter. I received several orders with email addresses listed. For these I delivered a pdf copy of the letter via Fiverr’s ‘deliver work’ button instead of the hand-written letters to those who provided a physical address. Another is explaining that I do not have control over postal mail and even though I delivered the product within the time frame, postal mail can delay delivery up to 21 days depending on the recipient’s location.

You are correct, communication is the key and I’m learning how to be better at it.

I select the option to mutually cancel the order which triggers an email to the buyer. I also send a message to customer support if I’m going to bed and the deadline will be passing while I’m asleep.

I have a order which is sanding since May 09 2012 and buyer never responded.

This is the only time it happen to me that a buyer did not submit required information.

So now i just let it remain like that in my orders.

Did you face any difficulty because of this or everything are normal?
I have the same problem now. I am also thinking to do as like you.