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Buyers who don’t pay for full services


I have a buyer who placed a $5 gig for an explainer video. When I sent an add on for commercial rights he declined it saying “this is my own project. I don’t need rights.” Not sure what that has to do with rights but naturally I want to avoid drama if possible so I let it go (despite how frustrating this is). Then he sends me a track to add his music to it and I realize he also went over his word count so I sent another $5 add on and now he’s not responding. So it’s due in the next day and here I am at the mercy of a $5 impacting my rating. Should I deliver what he has not fully paid for? I feel he’s waiting it out because he knows I have to deliver something. (Btw his account had no ratings). What would you do? Thx in advance.


I would do it this time just to avoid the drama but I would never work with him again.


Thanks for advice! How can I avoid working with him again if he places an order himself? That’s my challenge.:grimacing:


Yeah in that case it is inevitable, you can tell him after you complete this order that if he needs more than you gig offers, he should be aware of the certain fees that you will charge him. See how he reacts, if he doesn’t like it, tell him in a professional manner to find someone else in the future.


You have to tell them “Hi! I see you’ve only paid for X, would you like to add X or $X amount?”

That’s why I don’t sell gigs for $5. You attract the wrong crowd of people. Ever since I increased the prices of my gigs I don’t get people like that anymore - the ones who spend bare minimum and expect a million things out of you.


i am agree with nicolaevici1


He’s been active today and completely ignored my message which I worded very similarly. He’s waiting for the countdown because he knows I have to deliver something.

I lowered my word count months ago and it had definitely helped weed out ones like this however every blue moon… :confused: I’m unsure how to structure my gigs to completely avoid the basic $5 as a VO artist?