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Buyers Who Don't Complete Orders


I’m new to Fiverr and I’ve noticed that some buyers don’t accept or complete our orders. I understand that the order will automatically complete after three days, but I’m wondering how other sellers handle this? Do you message the buyer after a period of time to remind them to complete the order? If so, what do you say and how successful is this method? Or should I just stop worrying about it since an order not rated doesn’t hurt my overall rating?

Yes you’re right. I’ve around 800 sales & got 516 reviews & almost 270 sales without review. So suggest not to think about it & go ahead. I guess almost every seller face it.

This happen all the time, others marked complete without review so you need to tell them. I have also seen buyers who mail me reviews instead of going through normal rating.

Like @bigvee said don’t think about it.

They make sure to mark it as completed and give negative when they are not satisfied. But No time to mark it as complete and give positive feedback when they are satisfy. (Only few buyers though) BIG LOL at this world!!

Thanks, all. I’m glad to find that this is a normal occurrence. bigvee, I supposed that a 65% response rate isn’t all that bad, and it makes sense. When I assisted with social research many years ago, a 60% survey response rate was typical. I suppose ratings/reviews aren’t all that different from survey completion.