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Buyers who don't feel like ordering from the gig page

What do y’all think about Buyers who want a standard service (that you let them know is available for them to order anytime from the gig page) yet badger you to send a custom offer in the chat?

I don’t mind as much for larger orders even if they are on the gig page, but when someone wants my basic package, I’m just like, seriously? It already takes 1/10th the time of your order to fill out a custom offer (which I’ve also now spent writing this rant).

I feel like putting this in my FAQ:
“Will you send me a custom offer?”
“Sure, if you request something I don’t offer on the gig page. If you cannot be bothered to lift a finger to do one extra click, I will add a service charge of $5. Thank you for your patronage.”


Edit: The FAQ is meant as a joke but thanks for your honest opinion. I will keep my day job.


Terrible customer care… Sorry to say.


It’s really not a big deal, and there’s a button that can apply a gig package to a custom offer to save you time. If I were the buyer, it would seem very rude, to me, and I probably would decline to work with you anyway.


Some might

  • have had bad experience with bait and switch sellers and want to be sure you won’t suddenly want more money
  • be not that good with English and need a bit reassurance
  • have had one of the sellers who often post here that “Buyers must contact before order” scream at them when they just ordered
  • want to find out if you actually are able to understand and communicate in English
  • do it just because they can

I’ll leave it at 5 :wink: probably could come up with a few more if I think about it.

It can be annoying, but generally, it’s okay for me.

That said, I think I posted as a site suggestion already that I’d like to be able to set “Takes custom orders” per gig, not per profile.


You have to be careful with people like this. On several occasions, I’ve had buyers ask me to send them a custom offer. Later after delivery, they have asked where extras (that they haven’t ordered) are like images, video, and article SEO settings.

Each time, I’ve realized that these people have played me to get extra work FOC. Anything that I haven’t explicitly said I isn’t covered in a custom offer, they push me to include, even when this takes an order way beyond the scope of what has been paid for.

Not all buyers do this when they ask you to send a custom offer. However, enough have with me to just refuse. Instead, I send a message saying I am not at my desk and won’t be for the rest of the day. In this case, please feel free to order directly from my gig whenever you like.

This way, buyers have to select what package and what extras they are ordering, and can’t come back later saying I haven’t been clear about what a custom offer includes and what it doesn’t.


@chloeskye I don’t think this outlook is helpful for you and your future growth.

Streamlining the process for the buyer is part of the job. Making them feel bad for it or showing them that you are annoyed is just unprofessional.

@cyaxrex I’ve been burned before so now I take the extra 3-4 minutes and I write down EVERYTHING we agreed upon on the custom offer description, and finish it ip with a “, no gig extras.”.


Any custom offer I sent contains several extras and is more expensive than my basic offer regardless of what they may have said. It cuts out the boys from the men.


Same thing with me! I always go off of what I wrote in the custom gig page.
If I wrote “I will write 1,100 words of a character description, for $10, in two days or less”, than that is exactly what we agreed upon. I always make sure to put down the price, the time, the main job portion, and mention a gig extra if they wanted one, in writing. Then, they too can read that when I send the custom order, and they will know exactly what they’re paying for/what I plan on doing.


I let them know that if I have to send them a custom offer that it will be a higher price. That usually has them scrambling to order directly from my gig. Either that or they were just wasting my time anyway.


I’ve had a few who come back once a month or wait a few months and come back again asking for a custom offer then disappearing again after I send it.


I think as others have pointed out, that the part where you chide them for not being able to click a button… is a bit harsh and will not bode well for people feeling you want to work with them or help them through the ordering process. Sure, it is annoying to hand hold, but, if you want a sale, sometimes you have to take the extra 2 min to include a link to the Gig that fits their needs or make them a custom order to get them over the finish line.


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Sometimes I feel that they’re acting silly (not that I’d ever tell them that), but it’s never been a problem for me. Usually we discuss everything in the messages, so I just type something like “I will write a script for a 1 minute video, as discussed in the messages” when creating the offer. It never takes me more than a couple of minutes (and it takes that long only because I triple-check everything), and it makes things easier for the buyer.


I don’t mind sending the custom offer even if the gig has the same offer, If the offer description is a lengthy one, I use Speech-to-text and that saves my time. I get issues when people directly orders my stuff because most of the time, they order wrong order then I have to explain them so whether they can increase the order value or I would’ve to contact CS to cancel the wrong order.

So, it’s better for me if I have to send custom offers.

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When someone asks me for a custom offer, I ask them to kindly read my list of extras thoroughly on my gig page and let me know which, if any, they’d like to purchase. It has saved me so much back and forth in the inbox.

The busier I am, the less time I have for this for sure. But this is my standard reply:

“Hey, thanks for your interest! My rate is ______. Please have a look at the list of extras on my gig page and let me know which if any you’ll need to purchase for your project. If you attach your script here I can give you a more accurate quote. Let me know if you have any questions!”

Might be worth saving something similar as a quick response.


I hope you set an expiration time on those offers so you don’t get a surprise order 8 months later :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It was meant as a joke :wink: Clearly a bad one. I know, thank you.

The FAQ was of course a joke, but this was helpful- I forgot about that “apply gig package” thing. Thanks! :slight_smile:

You’re right- this is a great list. Thanks, I’ll try to keep it in mind when I field these in the future :slight_smile:

That’s part of my feeling. When you order from the gig page, you can see all of the extras and expediting options available, so nothing is left out. In fact for the Buyer (maybe just my opinion) you get a much better idea of what’s available for your specific needs. I recently had someone order a single email (clear 5-day delivery period), and right afterwards, write me, “By the way, please deliver in one day.” Yeah…no. Thankfully I convinced them to a small upcharge for one-day delivery, which I do not in fact offer. If they had ordered from the gig page, they would know that.


Hey Frank, thanks. To clarify, this is a mini-rant and the FAQ part was meant as a joke. :wink: I 100% understand it’s unprofessional and in fact I generally just send those custom offers anyway, exactly as you said with everything outlined, and including an extra as misscrystal mentions below. It’s annoying, but it’s what you have to do.