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Buyers who don't feel like ordering from the gig page

I generally do the same, i.e. adding preheaders to an email; that’s highly recommended anyway.

Good idea. Do you just say “higher price” or say what you’ll add?

Thanks GG, it was meant as a joke but clearly a bad one as most people didn’t understand :slight_smile: I generally just send the offers; I was ranting.

Fair point! :slight_smile: I’ll keep that in mind.

That’s an awesome template, thanks! :slight_smile: They generally ask this once we’ve discussed for some time- I guess then they just assume it’s more convenient for me to send. But I love the line about “please view the extras and let me know which ones you’d like.”

I always set an expiration time of 2 days on custom offers. :smile_cat:


Just $5 more. One guy even went and ordered from my gig instead of paying that. People are so funny!

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My offers usually contain a few expensive extras at a small discount. About $5 off.

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