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Buyers Who Don't Read Descriptions Or Watch Promos And Then Order


This is starting to bug me a bit more now than it has in the past. I’m referring to Buyers who don’t read gig descriptions and watch promo videos, order and ignore instructions (and sometimes do not check their messages to communicate thereafter)

I LOVE Fiverr. I’ve worked my behind off to become a Top Rated Seller, am honored and continue to work hard to keep my reputation and privilege.

However this week, I’ve had four cancellations. I make it clear that I do not do Political, Racist, Slander or Adult themed videos as I wish not to have my face associated with such themes. Still, some buyers purchase and expect me to complete such videos.

My job is to make Fiverr successful with a high profit margin, and also continue to be a success here on Fiverr as well. After all, if we look good, they look great!

However, I plead with the Fiverr team - PLEASE consider a “Buyer Submission Incomplete” button to place orders on hold until Buyers submit required information to complete gigs. This would take a LOAD off of Fiverr customer support, make the Buyer aware that their funds are on hold and that they have to work with Sellers guidelines (which are made clear in descriptions and promo videos in most cases).

PLEASE also consider not holding Sellers accountable for cancellations due to Buyer Negligence. When I was a Level 2 seller, I lost my Level because a Buyer kept ordering and cancelling the same gig over and over again because he kept forgetting some information and would not submit the required information.

This I think would really improve the customer and seller experience on Fiverr.

I LOVE this site, but I really think this should be considered. :slight_smile:


Completely agree!

It’s just not fair that the seller is punished for something completely out of their control. Even if CS must review the order before making a decision on whether the seller should or should not be affected by the cancellation would be fine with me. In most cases, it is very clear it is the buyer’s mistake and the seller has no control.


Thanks OldBittyGrandma, but I do say “Contact Me First” in my description. I will have to do some videos over in order to include those disclaimers. I will add those to my descriptions fully now also.

Thanks for chiming in :slight_smile:

oldbittygrandma said: Ok, so now for my advice. If you want EVERY SINGLE BUYER to contact you first prior to ordering, then make sure to have that front and center in your listing

Doesn't work..... only has a catch rate of about 10%


As a business person, I totally get what OldBittyGrandma is saying. You don’t want another gateway because then a Buyer may not want to spend their money (i.e. cold feet).

We have to work toward making things clear in our listings. I’ve added a caps disclaimer and I also spend a portion of my promo clarifying buyers proofreading their scripts and following instructions.

It doesn’t always work, so I am crossing my fingers and hoping that buyers take my advice and either contact me first before ordering or that they read the descriptions.