Buyers Who Expect You To Post On Web Sites


Hello again my friends.

OK, now I have a buyer who expects me to do the review and post it on the Amazon web site!

That’s just goofy. First of all, my instructions to buyers clearly states I do not do that, and I only send the buyer the file. Also, in order to post on sites, such as Amazon, you must first register, then you can only post reviews after you have made at least one purchase.

The buyer has asked me why I didn’t post it on Amazon, and I have written him/her back explaining why I don’t do that.

Earlier, I posted on this same buyer not giving me any correspondence whatsoever, except a link to the book on Amazon.

I sent three requests for him/her to send details and got nothing until after I did the review, Now, all of a sudden he/she knows how to send a message with details!

Now I know why he/she was so quiet…here’s my prediction - he/she is gonna complain that I didn’t complete the job!

…is it really worth all the BS? For$5 per???



I have run across this as well. Luckily, so far I have not had anybody actually order the gig then expect me to post a review, but I do get messages asking me about posting to trip-advisor, amazon and merchant review sites and my gig clearly states that I will not post on websites. If they do complain or give negative feedback, you can go to customer service and show them that your gig clearly states that you will not post reviews online and the negative reviews will likely be taken off.


Don’t do it. Did you get an Account Warning? I had a buyer order my gig and asked me to post it on Yelp, and I got an account warning. I declined & cancelled the order. But the warning still counts against me so now I can’t level up to TRS. Never risk your account status/level, especially for $4.