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Buyers who feel entitled

I just had an interesting experience with a potential buyer. He asked me first if I was available and if I could rewrite his document. I looked it over and decided it wasn’t something I was interested in trying to decipher and rewrite.

I wrote him back and thanked him for his interest but felt I was not the right person for him. He wrote back, Sorry for my question but what are you doing here then?

WTH! Dude, I was quite polite in turning down your job and you’re questioning me with What Am I Doing Here?


My turning down the job has nothing to do with my abilities. Just suck it up and realize that there are other potential Fiverr sellers you could be working with instead of questioning my motives. Some buyers just make you want to pull your hair out!


A language barrier, perhaps? Or he’s unable to express himself well, which is why he needs someone to rewrite his document?

Maybe… perhaps but there was no apology for it when I said he was being rude by asking me the question in that regard and my having to explain to him why I didn’t want to take on his job. I advised him there were many Fiverr sellers that would be willing to assist him but I didn’t feel comfortable with it.

Language barrier or not… some things just are seemingly rude to ask. In my opinion… keep in mind.

I actually just deleted a ranting pot post regarding this exact issue.

My potential buyer came back after a first refusal from me to work with him with:

"Right, with people that ask questions first… So no originals." - (Originals meaning articles).

Then after my:


Clearly, you have had problems ordering previously on Fiverr. I hope that your next buying experience is as pleasant as possible.

Best Regards,


I get:

"Nope, your the first one that had a problem that I asked a question first before paying. Says enough about you an your products."

It was actually the stinking attitude of this ‘buyer’ which made me want to run a mile from them in the first place. Now every three days, they seem to want to come back and tell me what a bad seller/likely scammer I am.

How i wish I had just agreed to work with this person (who is also a Fiverr seller)!. - NOT


“I’m a professional Writer, not a cryptographer. My apologies once again, you’ll unfortunately have to find someone else for the job.”

Done. Professional, polite answer.

Takes around 10 seconds.

Much more efficient than straining your nerves fussing about the silliness of some people and spraining them even further while wasting time and energy writing on the Forum about it.


My first reply to him was quite professional, Richard.

Good day. Thank you for your consideration. However, I do not feel I am the right person for the job. My sincerest apologies.

So when he asked the question why I was here on Fiverr, I wrote back that he was being a bit rude and explained to him that I had the right to decline a job I felt was beyond my capabilities. No reply back of course.


But why would you do that?

Teaching someone manners and educating them is not your job.

It takes energy and time.

It’s is (or was) the job of their parents and teachers.

If someone feels entitled to rudely insinuate you have no place on here because you, God forbid, don’t want to accept THEIR holy work - do you really think that wasting words getting into a “justice” fight showing a personal of low calibre like that they aren’t supposed to act like that will actually change them?

That was his/hers parent’s job. Don’t lift their weight.

Don’t let it waste more than 10 seconds with a concise answer like in my reply above, and go on to your other buyers without wasting a second of your time or your mental energy on it.


Report > The User’s Behavior was inappropriate > I do not want to receive message from this user.

Mission accomplished. Leech eliminated.

Time elapsed: 11 seconds.

Objective achieved.

Moving on.

Works for me every time.

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As demonstrated by my sickeningly warm and fuzzy: “I hope that your next buying experience is as pleasant as possible.” I try to avoid being manipulated into saying anything which could be interpreted as offensive in this kind of situation.

A buyer who comes to a seller and starts being confrontational will take words like “rude” and sarcasm like, “I’m not a cryptographer” as an opportunity to relish in becoming more confrontational or sending a complaint to CS.

Embrace your inner carebear, even if you don’t want to. Then just block the buyer. In my view, it is the safest option in the robotic customer service era we currently live in. - Plus doing this infuriates the hell out of people like this. :slight_smile:


Considering how Fiverr has been lately, my answering in any other way could have been constituted as being rude to the buyer, especially if I didn’t answer. Fiverr could have dinged me. So, if that means I take 10 to 20 seconds out of my time to “educate” him on the finer points of why it was rude and why I didn’t want to take on the job… so be it!

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He’s blocked but you know how Fiverr’s block system works - rarely. :slight_smile:


Well, if you’re going to put up with an insulting, insolent buyer and inappropriate behavior out of fear of being “dinged”, I’m sorry but this is certainly going to keep happening to you.

“You only get the respect you demand.”

Considering how Fiverr has been lately, we’ll soon have to write 100 words long “thank you” notes to customers calling us “idiots” for no reason.

No thank you, one always has the choice of refusing to be a cog in anyone’s machine.

I put the red lines buyer can’t cross with me, not Fiverr.

I suggest you do the same.

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Let’s just agree to disagree but nothing you just said I agree with. I have no fear of being dinged but I don’t WANT to get dinged. Difference! I do get respect when I demand - I rarely demand it; rarely need to. And, I commanded respect when I told him he was being a bit rude. And, then explained why I felt we weren’t a match. If that’s going too far for you, then so be it. That’s you… not me!

There is too much power in a buyer’s hand as it is… Why give them any more ammunition?!

There’s an old saying, “You catch more bees with honey than you do with vinegar.”

I’m done… I’ve got to hit the gym and go to my outside job. Have a good one folks!


I completely understand you.

If you’ve done everything so right and efficiently handled the situation - why do you feel compelled to spend time sharing your rant with us?

The Buyer compelled you to:

  1. Waste time writing a personal educational message to him/her
  2. Waste time fretting about their behavior
  3. Waste time posting a rant about their behavior on the forum
  4. Waste time having a minutes long written monologue on how you having the audacity to refuse his/hers job is justified.

“My turning down the job has nothing to do with my abilities. Just suck it up and realize that there are other potential Fiverr sellers you could be working with instead of questioning my motives. Some buyers just make you want to pull your hair out!”

They’ve achieved it with a 11 words simple questioning sentence that took them 3 seconds to write.

You in turn got nothing from the entire ordeal and wasted a ton of time, energy and nerves.

Only to in the end conclude that “There is too much power in a buyer’s hand as it is…”

And you feel that you’ve commanded respect and handled it efficiently?


Good luck in your future selling endeavors, I wish you all the best.

You come across as such a beautiful person sometimes.


Probably the reason why I don’t have problems like this, ever.

Buyers love me too much.

I’m gonna say just one thing. I am entitled to rant about whatever I feel as do you but to dismiss what I wrote as being a waste of time, I actually felt better afterward.

I didn’t give it anymore thought until you decided that I wasted my breath on a otherwise funny diatribe if Fiverr’s breednof entitled buyers.

I would say more but I am a better person. Good day


I mean, anyone would think this section was called ‘The Ranting Pot’, or something.

Better to get the frustrations out here, than take it out on the perpetrator or the next buyer and then potentially get kicked off the site.

It’s good to get support from fellow sellers sometimes.25-Funny-Salty-meme-9


That’s an…interesting tangent from a rant on certain individual buyers.

There are weirdos and scammers for sure, but that’s more just a function of being online. Plenty of buyers on here are pretty reasonable :slight_smile:

Not trying to convince you though, seems that you’ve already made up your mind. Good luck in everything!


Title: “Buyers Sellers who feel entitled.”

Now we’re getting into comedy sphere. Much better than pointless rants!

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