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Buyers who forget about deliveries and comes back months later

Well, there are that buyers who talks a bit about what they want. and after sending the delvieries, they never show up. With other projects happening, that order just keeps hanging and gets automatically completed after 3 days.

Few months later… the buyer appears like a clown asking " hey buddy! i need some changes! "

By then, you are in the middle of some urgent, other projects.

what would be your answer? :smiley:


“I’m sorry, but Fiverr has already marked this order as complete.”

With that said, if it’s an easy fix, I would make it. Remember that the buyer can review your order at anytime, so why encourage him to give you 1-star?


hi, i think after 30 days they can’t review the order.


yes, they cant. but they come back through the messages thread.

I would make any changes that I would have been willing to do if they were timely. However, I would definitely not put a rush on their changes after suddenly coming back to remember me. If it seemed like a lot of work I’d probably try to make it a new gig but not a super expensive one.

distant non-communicative buyers are my least favorite… so… that would put me in a somewhat less generous position.